Roshni 6th October 2015 Written Update

Roshni 6th October 2015 Written Update

Roshni 6th October 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Sameer telling about surgery decision to Rohan. He says it’s the last option, you can decide about it, but its risky. Roshni says we are just showing the clear picture of the surgery and the complications. Mona talks to Rajat and asks why did Sameer give the case to Roshni, she is not experienced. Rajat says you should ask Sameer, he knows the case and believes Roshni. Mona argues with him and says she will resign if she is not wanted. He asks what is she saying. Mona says I m wrong, lets end this relation and abort our child. She leaves.

Rajat comes to Roshni. She tells about Shaheen’s surgery tomorrow, she wants to save her at any cost. He says Mona has mood swings, she is insecure, she feels mom will not accept her. Roshni asks him to agree to mom, this is the best option. Mom will realize she did wrong with you, she will agree, just give her some time. He says lets see doing this, we have no other option. Its morning, Badri and Kishore play chess and have a good time. Roshni gives them tea. She tells about complicated surgery and Sameer trusted her. She takes their blessings.

She takes Leela’s blessings too. At hospital, Shaheen is taken for surgery. Rohan cries and prays for her in both religions. Roshni looks on. Roshni goes to do the surgery and sees the tumor. Rajat and Sameer see her operating. Sameer goes to Roshni and gets update on the treatment. Roshni manages the surgery. She cries coming out of OT. Rajat sees her.

Rajat says I m so proud of you and hugs Roshni. They cry. Sameer looks on. Sharad recalls Mona’s words. Malhotra checks a patient. Sharad calls him and tells his idea. He says Mona is unhappy seeing Rajat and Sameer giving attention to Roshni. Malhotra says so what. Sharad asks him to hear it, Mona can join our game. Malhotra says Mona is not a fool. Sharad says love and jealousy can make her do this. Malhotra laughs and says you are not a fool like you look.

Sameer tells the media about Shaheen’s case, it was tough and rare, we are sure Shaheen will live well, it was successful operation. Roshni smiles. Sameer tells about the surgery and praises Roshni. He says this is your day, the doctor with a gifted hand. Roshni talks to media. Sameer smiles seeing her.

Malhotra comes to Mona and asks about press conference. She says Roshni got good name for Leela today and makes her jealous by praising Roshni. He tells about Sameer not getting clients as he is busy in promoting Roshni. She says lets see what he says in board meeting. Malhotra says he has a proposal, a man has good marketing skills, he is biggest broker in medical field. She asks what does he want. Malhotra says I know him well, that guy wanted a job. He says this man can get much profit for us. The broker is shown who manipulates the reports of patients and has tie up with doctors. Malhotra asks Mona to meet that man. Mona thinks and agrees. She asks his name. The man says Pintu Ghosh and talks to someone. Mona says strange name.


Roshni takes blessings to get successful today. Roshni does surgery well and everyone celebrate. Sharad says Mona will help them. Malhotra provokes Mona against Roshni. Mona meets Rajat and family, and tells about her decision to break up with Rajat and also abort the child. She expresses her desire that Vasundara does her abortion.

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Roshni 6th October 2015 Written Update

Written Episode Update

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Roshni 6th October 2015 Written Update

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