Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd October 2015 Written Update

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Manisha comes home and is happy her mom is asleep. She plays the video. It didn’t work, she tries again and wonders if the CD is out of order. Ranveer shouted at the doctor that there is something wrong in his mind. The doctor told him to speak to him. Ranveer laughs evily, he says when he will put on camera he will do the comedy. The doctor asks since when he has been doing this. Ranveer gets enraged, he says it all started from Anjaar, his parents are to be blamed. The doctor asks what did they do. He says they…. The lights go off, she regrets. RV calls from the dark if he must tell the remaining story live. He moves forward to her, she shouts but he shuts her mouth up. He says her mother is sleeping, she always used to silent everyone in her childhood, why is she waking her mother today. Manisha is afraid.
At home, Ishaani is worried where Ranveer has gone.
Ranveer says to Manisha if she was watching his life’s film, but light went off. No worries, he will just end it. He makes Manisha sit and turns to take the CD from player. Manisha cried fearful. RV curtly throws the video player, takes the CD from it. He holds it across Manisha’s neck and says he doesn’t like anyone who cuts his way. He sits besides her and says if she thought she would run away as such. He says the receptionist’s friend called and told him she was querying about him. He throws her household in rage. He says if she would play the life story, he will write the climax of her life.
Ishaani comes out of her room and asks if she has seen Ranveer. Parul says he was with her. Ishaani goes downstairs.
RV holds Manisha, he smiles that she is afraid. He says he likes beautiful girls and doesn’t want to leave. But he has to leave, else how will he return. He turn, smiles evily looking at Manisha and jumps out of her house. Manisha was crying in fear.
Ishaani looks for Ranveer all around the house. She thinks he must be out for sure. She tries his number but he didn’t pick it up. Ishaani wonders where he must be. Ranveer comes out of his car, watches his phone and wonders about so many missed calls by Ishaani. Ishaani was angry at him for being so irresponsible. She goes to shut the window when RV returns. She asks where he had been, angrily. He asks what does this mean. Ishaani says today was their Sangeet, she had to answer everyone because of him. Doesn’t she has the permission to question where he was. Ranveer says he had a head ache, he went out to have some fresh air. Ishaani says it was all his mistake, he didn’t take medicine. He takes the medicine himself. Ishaani asks why he ate all the tablets. He says she has problem with everything. Ishaani and Ranveer fight. Ranveer says he joins his hands to her, he is fed up of her complain. He leaves the house.
On the road, Ranveer wonders what has happened to him. This much anger with Ishaani, he never talked to a girl like this before. He does strange acts after medicine. The evil Ranveer tells him he does all this. Ranveer looks at him shocked, then asks who he is. The duplicate laughs that they are both same to same. Ranveer tries to touch him, his duplicate also does the same. He tells Ranveer not to think much, just see what he does. He pushes Ranveer on the road and takes his phone. Raavan asks Ranveer what he is doing. Ranveer was upset, he says he saw… Raavan says he was thinking in the middle of the road. Ranveer says he saw him, he was his duplicate, exactly like him. Wearing his clothes. Raavan says he must have seen his own reflection. The duplicate Ranveer stood behind Ranveer, Raavan asks him to leave. Ranveer was still worried and says how his shadow can speak to him. Raavan says it is possible it is his vision. Ranveer says yes, may be; those medicines are suitable, he feels awkward after taking them. Some people have said he behaves strangely, he is worried that may be he would get mad. Raavan says it isn’t like that, it is really late and must go home, Ishaani must be waiting for him. He offers to drop him but RV says he will go by himself.
Ishaani tried Ranveer’s phone, she regrets that Ranveer was having head ache and she shouted at him. Ranveer comes home, lost. Ishaani runs downstairs towards him and hugs him. She says I am sorry, I won’t do it again but he must not leave like this. Ranveer looks at her. She asks about his mobile. Ranveer speaks about his accident. Ishaani gets worried at this. Ranveer says may be he left his mobile there. Ishaani says she was feeling that something bad has happened, her heart was worried. Ranveer still thinks about his duplicate.

PRECAP: the duplicate of Ranveer dances.

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