Swaragini 2 October 2015 Written Episode

Swaragini 2 October 2015 Written Episode:

Ragini asks servant to keep the stuff in the room. Laksh comes flowing to the sea shore and gets unconscious. Some fisher men rescue him. Adarsh tries talking to Parineeta and she is angry with you. He says we sat in the last puja. Parineeta says I can’t forgive you and asks for some more time. Ragini asks Parineeta if everything is fine. Annapurna asks Ragini about Swara and says her mehendi has come. Sujata says Swara didn’t come, so we will make Adarsh and Parineeta do the puja. Annapurna says no, and says Swara and Sanskar will do the puja only. Swara comes home. Ragini asks where were you? She asks how is Maa? Swara recalls Ragini telling that she has kidnapped Sumi. Swara tells Maa is in Baadi. Annapurna asks why you didn’t bring her here. Ragini says Sumi is fine now and that’s why she dropped her there. Parineeta asks her not to worry. Ragini asks Swara to get ready. Swara says it is not needed. Annapurna asks her to get ready. Ragini asks her to wear clothes which she kept in her room.

Ragini brings Swara downstairs after getting her downstairs, and tells you are very lucky to have mehendi for second time. She asks what shall I write? Swara says I don’t like to snatch someone’s love like you. She asks where is Maa? Ragini says she is my Maa also and is safe. Shekhar comes to know that Sumi went to Ragini’s house for Swara’s marriage. Shekhar says we shall not let this happen. Shekhar says if she marries Sanskar, then I will break my relation with Sumi and Swara for forever. Once Shekhar goes. Dadi comes to room and sees Sumi tied to a chair in her own house. She thinks what Ragini is making her to do. Ragini asks Swara to take care of her mehendi. Sujata says Swara knows it well. Ragini says your mehendi color will appear dark as Sanskar loves you. She says I talked to Annapurna and convinced her for bengali bridal attire. She asks her to get ready.

Laksh is brought to the same hospital where Swara was treated. The fishermen tells that he was found near the God’s idol. Sujata asks Sanskar to do something and says you can’t marry each other. Swara asks Sanskar, how everything will be fine? She asks if her mum is fine? Sanskar asks what did Laksh told? Swara says he didn’t believe me and says we are trapped. Sanskar apologizes. Swara says we will not get any solution. Sanskar holds her hand and tries to wipe her tears. He says I have right to wipe your tears as if is flowing because of me. He says I am sure that we will have a way out. In the morning, Swara wakes up and looks at her mehendi. Sanskar too wakes up and asks what did you tell Laksh. Swara wipes her hand. She says I told him half truth and asks him to find other half truth. Sanskar asks do you believe him. Swara says yes. Laksh gains consciousness at the hospital and says some fishermen brought me. Laksh asks how do you know my name? He recalls Sanskar calling this doctor home. Doctor says you didn’t believe me, but I am a real doctor. He tells you was also found at the same place by the fishermen where Swara was found. He tells Swara was in the same room, and says her name is in register. Laksh says he want to see the register. Swara says Laksh didn’t come till now. Sanskar says he might be finding truth. Swara says he will come after knowing the truth.

Doctor shows the register in which Swara’s name is written. He calls the fishermen’s wife who had rescued Swara, and she tells him everything. Laksh thinks Swara was saying right and they thought…..he gets teary eyes.

Ragini thinks if Laksh comes before their marriage, then she will be trap in her own conspiracy. Swara tells Sanskar that Ragini threatened to kill Sumi if she refuses to marry him. Sanskar says we shall inform Durga Prasad everything. Swara says Laksh will come and stop our wedding.

Swaragini 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 2nd October 2015 Written Update

2nd October 2015

Written Update


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Swaragini 2 October 2015 Written Episode


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