Satrangi Sasural 26th September 2015 Written Update

Satrangi Sasural 26th September 2015 Written Update:

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
kiara slaps him tight across his face and eyes angrily the tantric, as she holds his hand, while narmada is scared. geeta and dolly are surprised. narmada eyes kiara. Geeta asks kiara how dare she hit baba, as now she is gone. kiara asks how can she believe in such nonsensical stuff, and asks them to grow out of superstitions., geeta asks her not to interefere in their private matter. kiara says that if they do such backward practises, then she shall come to stop them. geeta is enraged. Kiara says that she has the guts to stop such evils, and then dosues the fire of the hawan. geeta and dolly are shocked, considering it as an omen. they call kiara names, and she is enraged. geeta slaps her tight and asks her to go her way. kiara says that now she shall stay right here. they are shocked. she asks how dare she slaps her, as noone has dared to hit him ever. She says that she cant believe two slaps in the same area. geeta says had she been hit in childhood, this wouldnt have happened. Kiara asks who is narmada to her, that she is putting her through this torture. Geeta asks her not to meddle in her affairs. Kiara then asks the tantric to leave or else she shall call the police. He tells her whats narmada’s problem, that she sees arushi’s ghost and then begs her not to call the police. he hastily rushes away from there. Kiara says that due to them, the nation is in ruins. Geeta raises her finger at her and warns kiara that its enough, or else. An angry geeta stops kiara. Then she grabs hold of geeta in anger, and taunts her that she isnt scared. But vihaan stops her hand by holding it in between. She is surprised to see him. Vihaan asks how dare she raise her hand at his mother, and behave like this. Enraged, geeta asks if he knows her. He identifies her as the same woman who had planned to hit him with her gang. meanwhile, narmada with her open hairs, and in a dazed state eye them all boggled and tensed. she says that she had come to apologise but then saw this, and intervened. geeta is angry to know that she had hit vihaan. geeta picks up the trishul, and then goes onto hit kiara, but vihaan controls her. narmada asks if she raised her hand on vihaan, as they are all together, keeping their differences aside when their child is harmed. She says that she came to apologise for that only, but doesnt want anything to do with them now. geeta rushes after her, but vihaan asks her to let be, as she is ill mannered. He then eyes narmada and asks whats going on here. they are tensed, as to what to tell him. He asks them why did that girl say that she saved narmada. they are all stunned and speechless.

Vihaan comes to take over manohar’s job duty, and is unaware that its at kiara’s house only. the butler hands vihaan the keys of the car, and asks him to turn the AC on and drive safe, as madam shall just arrive. Vihaan takes the keys and resignedly gets in the car. Just then, kiara steps out, oblivious that the driver is vihaan himself.

Update in Progress

She gets in the car, while talking animatedly to her friend about the date. they drive off. bebo eyes them going and then she eyes her son waiving her off. She thinks that now its the time to lay out the plan, to create her own destiny. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kiara is surrounded by goons, who circle around her, in motorbikes. finally, one of them comes upto her, and approaches her with leering eyes. Just as he is about to touch her, vihaan comes in and stops his hand. She eyes him overwhelmingly.

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Satrangi Sasural

Satrangi Sasural 26th September 2015 Written Update

26th September 2015

Written Update

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Satrangi Sasural 26th September 2015 Written Update


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