Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 25th September 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 25th September 2015 Written Update:

Manisha asks Sharman to come inside but Sharman says he only wanted to drop her safely home. He warns her to beware of that lady. Manisha is relieved that Sharman is gone. Mr. Mehta rings the bell, Manisha is afraid and asks if he saw her. Mrs. Mehta says she hid well from him, he and RV and Ishaani must never know she is Chiraag’s sister.
Ishaani was waiting for Ranveer anxiously, Ranveer comes home. Ishaani asks where was he. Ishaani scolds him. Ranveer laughs. Ishaani asks why is he laughing, all the guests have gone. She asks why he didn’t pick her call. Ranveer says he went for an important work, it was so stressful, he couldn’t attend her call. He asks how to get rid of her anger. Ishaani says nothing will reduce her anger now. Ranveer tries to flirt, Ishaani heads to leave saying she isn’t in a mood. Ranveer feels head ache and dizzy at once. Ishaani gets worried at once, she takes him by arm and says she will take him to bed. Ranveer says this head ache is so romantic, he wants this head ache never to go. Ishaani asks if someone asks God for illness, what kind of a person he is. Ranveer says whatever way he is, he is all hers. Ritesh comes out and says these ladies are wonder, Ishaani’s anger flew as soon as she watched RV in pain. He comes in room to Chaitali shouting in pain that there is a cramp in his arm. Chaitali twists his arm at once and tells him to get to bed, while he keeps on shouting. Ritesh curses himself for hoping something from Chaitali.
Ishaani helps Ranveer to bed and gives him a pill as well. She says he must be tired, and heads to leave. Ranveer holds her hand and tells her to sit down. Ishaani asks isn’t he ashamed of flirting with the girl she divorced. She tells him that her fiancé is someone who suspects her a lot. Ranveer asks why is she marrying then. Ishaani says this is all because of her family. Ranveer says she must do something for herself as well. Ishaani says he is right, when he is so possessive and suspecting towards her, she must also get a bit disloyal. Ranveer gets serious, he tells her not to repeat his weaknesses. He has got her after so much difficulty, like a star he wants to keep it to him always. He says he will die if they get apart again. Ishaani says they will never get apart now, her family has a right on her but he has a right on her soul. She was his and will always be. Ranveer kisses her forehead, both hugs.
Next morning, Ranveer was getting ready. Ishaani comes inside with a headphones, she says she didn’t know that the one who used to listen Kishore and Rafi can listen to such songs. She asks if they are his headphones. He denies saying he never had such. Ishaani asks where they came from in his car. Ranveer puts them on, there were Punjabi songs playing. Ranveer says these days he has got a memory loss problem. She says there is a possibility that he must have bought the head phones and maybe he got the head ache only because of them. He heads to leave. Ishaani asks where he is going, they have to go a neurologist first. Ranveer says she has to go to jeweler and a dress designer is also coming for her and Parul. Ishaani says that first they will go to neurologist. Ranveer gives Ishaani five lacs for jewellery order. Ishaani says wasn’t his business at loss. Ranveer says it isn’t that bad even that he can’t marry himself. He says that only one deal and all the problems will be solved. Ishaani says she trusts him.
Ranveer says that he wants to make this wedding really pompous. This head ache must not come in between. Ishaani says for that they must go to doctor. The doctor tells them that he don’t think there is a major problem with him, it can be because of stress. Ishaani says that normally this pain is really severe, and he begins to forget little things. The doctor writes some tests saying it can be psychological as well. Ranveer gets conscious, then takes Ishaani.
Raman asks Mala where is Ranveer. Mala says he has gone out with Ishaani. He questions where has he gone, when will he return. Baa wonders why he is questioning so much about Ranveer. She comes in and asks Raman why is he quering a lot about Ranveer. He says he was getting bored. Baa says she was also getting bored and takes him to speak to him. She says she really feels happy when someone talks about Anjaar. Baa tells him not to tell anyone whatever had happened in Anjaar. Baa asks him to take a seat. Raman asks Baa if she knows everything. Baa asks if he thinks Amba and Kailash will hide from her, she is the elder of the house. She says it wasn’t good, Amba and Kailash still gets afraid with it. She asks if he thinks childhood acts will still prevail. Raman asks Baa what she should have done at that time. Baa says that trouble is always the same with everyone. Raman says he thinks she would have done something different. Raman says they both are from Anjaar, she must have known everything about him. He says he has also heard a lot about her, people don’t call her Baa as such. She got her family settled in Mumbai on her own. He says she doesn’t know anything about the past of Ranveer, Amba and Kailash didn’t tell their son about his past, how would they tell her. He says that if she thinks to be a part of Amba and Kailash’s family they will tell her one day about it. Raman leaves. Baa wonders what has happened there.

PRECAP: Manisha was getting ready when someone enters the room and touches her bare back. She turns at once. In the hall, Manisha comes and blames RV for misbehaving with her.

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 25th September 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 25th September 2015 Written Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 25th September 2015 Written Update


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