Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd September 2015 Written Update:

Scene 1:

Location: Hospital

Shaurya sits beside diya’s bed, and smiles at her and asks if she is fine and okay. she complies and says that what he did wasnt okay. he eyes his burnt hands and then says that he cant imagine anything happening to her, and says what would he have done without her. he says that fact that he might lose her, made him go berserk. she eyes him tensedly, and then says that she is fine, and he shouldnt bother. Diya winces in pain, immediately alerting shaurya. he rushes out and calls the nurse. The nurse says that the aneasthesia has worn out, hence its paining, and its time for the next injection. diya gets scared like a little child about the injection. he tries to assure her, while she clutches at his arm unknowingly, while the nurse administers the injection. he keeps calming her down, and caressing her face. She realises that she is holding him, and then lets go abruptly, surprising him. He then turns to the other end, and then presses the hand where she got injected and tries to ease the pain, by blowing on it. she eyes him overwhelmingly with emotions. He continues to tend to her.

Scene 2:

Location: Urmi’s residence and Goon’s hideout

A tensed and impatient Damini hurriedly calls up the goons. who assure her that the work is done and that ishaani is dead. After assurance, damini still feels a stab of sadness and grief at having killed her own granddaughter. But she composes herself, thinking that she might seem like the worst grandmother, but she had no other choice, as had she not killed ishaani, then she wouldnt have been aable to live on, and hence she didnt have a choice, and doesnt regret her decision. She then says that she has to think what she shall the rest of the family tell about ishaani.

In the hall, all are tensed for ishaani, as they cant trace her anywhere. Anirudh and urmi are frazzled, as to whats happening, first the shooting, and now this. He says that he doesnt understand who’s their arch enemy who’s doing this to them. All are tensed. damini comes up and says that jaamdaar might be behind this. She tries to instigate them into thinking, that he is doing this out of revenge, for his lost son, as he is their biggest enemy. She says that maybe jaamdaar got ishaani kidnapped too. Anirudh doesnt rule out the idea, and asks shaurya to inform the police, so that they can investigate on him too. Anirudh is convinced, relieving damini that they believed, and now she wont be doubted. They decide to rush to the station. But are shocked, then the inspector comes with his troop. anirudh comes and says that they were going there only, and narrates everything, as to what happened and what are their doubts. The inspector says that they finished their investigation and have finally caught the culprit. they are all shocked while damini is tensed. he comes in with an arrest warrant for Damini sinha. damini is shocked, while urmi and anirudh are shocked and bweildered. She asks what nonsense is this, while shaurya, urmi and anirudh are boggled. damini asks what did she do, and asks them to get out. anirudh calms her down, while explaining that she cant concoct a murder plan. She says that they doubt jaamdaar infact. but just then, ishaani comes in saying that she is lying. damini is shocked to see her alive, and rem,embers what the goons said. ishaani says that jaamdaar didnt but she did. Urmi and anirudh, along with shaurya are shocked. Ishaani says that not only her, but she tried to kill her mother and her sister in law too. They are all shocked. She asks the inspector to arrest damini. Damini tries to speak, but ishaani shuts her up and asks her to stop the drama. damini asks if she has gone mad. ishaani says that she was mad till now, that she believed everything she said, and hated her mother, and couldnt see anything. damini asks how is she talking like this to her Badi Maa. ishaani shuts her up, saying that she is a double faced hypocrite. Enraged, Damini raises her hand to slap her, but ishaani holds it midway. All stand stunned, while damini is surprised. ishaani says that she isnt her mother, who would tolerate her nonsense. Urmi asks what and why is she talking like this. anirudh asks whats causing her to react like this. Ishaani tells how she overheard everything, when anirudh and damini were fighting, and then tells them about how she heard damini giving a contract to someone to kill urmi. All are shocked, while damini stands silent, tensed and worried for herself now. urmi stands distraught and hurt, while anirudh and shaurya are furious. urmi is unable to believe, while ishaani says that the shooter had come to kill urmi, but diya came in between to take the bullet. urmi remembers the entire scene. Anirudh is angry beyond belief. He comes and confronts damini, if she actually tried to kill urmi and asks if she actually stopped down that low. shaurya asks how kind she harbour this kind of enemity that she went on to get her killed. Urmi asks how could she. ishaani then adds that not just her, but she had planned to get her killed too. they are distraught. Ishaani then narrates everything what happened to her, and how she overheard her orders to the goons to kill her. They are shocked and bewildered beyond imagination. anirudh says that he did what no granny can do to her grandchild, and that she cant belong to anyone and be true to anyone, as she loved ishaani all her life, and today tried to kill her. He says that he can believe. urmi asks why and if she hates her this much, that she wanted to kill her and even her child, as ishaani is her blood too. urmi breaks down. ishaani says that they have no clue how she got out or else they wouldnt have had any clue what happened to her. She hugs urmi. Anirudh tells damini that he has forgiven her all his life, but now the law shall not forgive her, and ask the police to take her far away from their eyes, and get her punished severely. damini eyes him venomously.

In her room, urmi tells ishaan that she feels very weak right now, and desperately feels the need for him to be here, to support and get her out of this. she breaks down into tears. Just then, ishaani comes from behind saying that she is right here to support and assure her, her daughter, as her reflection silhouettes ishaan’s pic, which urmi eyes, as she looks up.

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Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Written Episode

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Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd September 2015 Written Update


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