Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2015 Written Update:

Scene 1

Mohini ask Khushi that were you listening our talks? or were you missing Sid, Roli or Anjali? if you are missing them so much then i will send you to them, you know my secret so i cant leave you, you will get punished, Khushi hits her face and runs from there, Mohini ask Sunanda to run behind her, she should not reach Simar, Sunanda runs behind Khushi, Mohini thinks that Khushi will bear punishment for all this.

Khushi comes in market and hides under stall, Sunanda doesnt finds her and leaves from there, Khushi thinks that i have to call Simar before they catch me.

In Bharadwaj house, all are sadly sitting, Simar recalls how pots got break, Khushi is calling Simar but its on vibration mode, Simar doesnt notice it, Sankalp tells Simar about call, she checks its Khushi’s call, she ask if she is not at home? she takes her call, Khushi says listen to me, Simar ask why you are tensed? where are you? Simar puts phone on speaker, Khushi ask her to reach market soon, someone takes mobile from Khushi and ends call, its Mohini, Khushi is shocked to see her.

Simar says that i think Khushi is in problem, i will go there, Amar and Sankalp goes with Simnar.

Sunanda comes to Khushi too, Mohini ask Khushi are you ready to go in dig? she is about to strangle Khushi but Khushi pushes her away and runs, Mohini ask Sunanda to go from otherside, i will from otherside, Khushi is hiding from Mohini and Sunanda in market, Mohini is finding her, she says where did this girl go, if she reaches Simar then it will be problem.

Simar is in car, she says to amar that Khushi was very much tensed, Dont know in which problem she is, she ask Amar to driver fast, she ask Sankalp to call Khushi, he does and says her phone is not in reach.

Khushi is hiding behind car, Mohini is coming to that car, she goes towards car but doesnt find anyone there, she looks around and doesnt find Khushi, she leaves from there, Khushi is hiding on otherside of car, she says thank God this dayaan didnt catch me, i have to tell her truth to Simar.

Scene 2

Simar, Amar and Sankalp reached market, Simar says Khushi told me about this market only but how will we find her in such big market, she says we will split and find her in different directions, they go. Sankalp, Amar and Simar are finding Khushi, Sunanda sees Simar in market and is stunned, she thinks to tell Mohini that Simar has comes. Khushi is running, she strikes with a girl, her phone falls, she finds Siamr in market and calls her, Simar is about to turn but someone pulls Khushi from there, Amar comes to Simar and ask about Khushi, Simar says i felt like Khushi was calling me but she is not seen here. Mohini and Sunanda hides Khushi, Mohini ask Sunanda to take Khushi from here, i will handle other people, Khushi thinks that she will kill me, i have to do something, she hits Sunnanda and runs to Simar, she shouts Simar, she comes to them, Sankalp holds her, Simar ask her to calm down, what is the matter, Mohini and Sunanda hides and sees all this, Khushi says to Simar that i need to tell you something important, she stop breathing, Sankalp finds blood on her body, Mohini has stabbed her with knife from far in back, she leaves with Sunanda from there, Khushi falls on ground, Amar is calling ambulance, Khushi says to Simar that the pots are not real.. the secret is that..Mahakumb.. Khushi closes her eyes, Sankalp ask her to get up, speak something.

Scene 3

All are praying for Khushi’s life in mandir, Pri says her time has ended, she will not live now, Amar comes and says Mata rani has listened to us, Khushi is out of danger, i have talked to doctor, he will discharge Khushi, Pri says to family that Khushi is lucky that she is still alive but fate is not lucky everytime, what happened with Khushi, can happen with anyone, Simar gets angry listening this and says Mohini need luck now not us, she has done enough damage to us, her antics have given us clue that her end is in Mahakumb, now i will go to Mahakumb to save my family and to finish her, Mataji takes sacred locket from mandir and gives to Simar, she says this is Mata rani’s protection thread, you are going to Mahakumb, Mohini will try to hurt you, Mata rani will protect you, wear it, she puts sacred locket in Simar’s neck,

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Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2015 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 12th September 2015 Written Update

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