Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2015 Written Update:

Scene 1

Simar says they are upstairs. This is the right time i should take food for the family. Simar steps out. Mohini and sunanda come downstairs. Sunanda asks mohini what are you rummaging for? Mohini says i will tell you in a while. They go upstairs again. Simar goes to the room. Amar opens the door. Simar tells amar that they might do something new. Amar says take care of yourself.

Uma mistakenly drops the lunch box. Pari catches it. Mata ji says what are you doing? They will know we are here.

Mohini asks simar what are you doing here? Mohini says there is not enough stuff in the kitchen. Some young guys come and ask for donation. Mohini says no one is home. they say bharadwaj family always gives donation. Mohini says no one is home. Go now. Simar says in heart first time someone is going empty handed from our door.

Mohini says there is a way to find out where they are? Sunanda says what way? Mohini says to simar go make the breakfast. Mohini says i need something that has been touched by any of them. A handkerchief cloth or something. I have been looking but i can’t find anything. I will find it.

Mohini finds a handkerchief. She says i found it. Simar turns back. Mohini says this looks like some kid’s handkerchief. Sunanda says this is sanjana’s she liked pink and this doll. Mohini says she must have dropped it while running. Sanjana came out of the pot but wont stay alive for long. I will make them suffer and they will have to come and stand in front of me.

Mata ji hears it. She says mohini wants to harm sanjana again.

Mohini says to simar i am going to do a pooja. until i call you don’t come upstairs. They go upstairs. Simar says how is this possible. Sunanda asks mohini whats going on in your mind? You took this handkerchief from this room and said that its sanjana’s when its not. Mohini says this is my new game. Soon simar will come to us with all we want. Sunanda says so she will come here according to you? Mohini says you will be glad to know that its simar who has impersonated as simar. Sunanda says what? thats simar? Mohini says we are lucky. Simar wants to play games with me. Now i will show her my game. We will win it this time.

she tells her how she saw simar’s reflection on the table.

Sunanda says to mohini i told you cant do that pooja at this hour. Mohini says i will do it at right time. I have the handkerchief. Simar says in heart i have to get that from her.

Sunanda says to simar you wanted to be mohini’s apprentice? She is in a good mood go ask her. Sit in her feet. Simar sits in her feet. Sunanda says hold her feet simar says in heart for my daughter i have to do this. Simar holds her feet. Mohini says you are a good witch i mean apprentice. but this time i want to test you.

She gives simar a liquid and says drink it. Simar says in heart its the same liquid. Sunanda says drink it. After that you will be a witch.

Simar shoves it away. Sunanda says what you did? Mohini says she got scared maybe. Even if you break the bottle i have more. Mohini says i can remake it every time you break it. mohini says i am with her still she is not drinking it. You want to be my apprentice. See her face sunanda. Lets see if she is the same woman or simar.

Sima says i have drink or my plan will fail. Simar takes the bottle from sunanda. Mohini says good. Simar says this bottle is different from what sanju came out from.

Simar gulps it down. Amar sees it all. he says do they doubt. Sunanda laughs. Mata ji says why are they laughing? Mohini says now you will do what i ask you. Amar says mohini knows that its simar in the clad.

Mohini says take the cloth off your face.Simar takes it off. Mohini says what you thought you can play with me? You can trap humans not us. amar says simar is under mohini’s control. Simar will do what mohini asks her. Mohini says simar our war will end up with you fight. Now tell me where those pots and prem are? Simar turns back and walk towards the door. Mohini and sunanda follow her. Mohini says do her what she does.

amar tells them that simar and witches are coming in their direction.Simar goes to temple.

Precap-Simar opens the door. The family is in there. Mohini and sunanda are dazed.

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2015 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 29th August 2015 Written Update


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