Doli Armaanon Ki 29th August 2015 Written Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 29th August 2015 Written Update:

Scene 1:

Location: Dr. Veena’s residence

As shaurya waits outside the doctor;shouse to pick her up, he finds that noone is responding, and the door is left ajar. he gets tensed and comes inside trying to search for her. he is shocked to find the house in a dishevelled state. he understands that jammdaar knows, and that this is his work only.

Scene 2:

Location: Jaamdaar’s residence

While the jagrata is going on downstairs, jaamdaar’s men capture the doctor, and he warns her not to even try to run, as she would lose her life, and she would be freed once the case’s hearing is over. his men tie her up in a chair, so that she cant scream. Outside, shaurya arrives at jaamdaar’s house, and he amusingly asks shaurya to come. he asks for the doctor, while jaamdaar continues to take the lord’s name. He asks him to stop the pretense, and asks where is the doctor. jaamdaar says that he isnt lying, and that she must be in the hospital. he asks jaamdaar to stop this drama. Jaamdaar reminds that he is in the lord’s place, and asks him to lower his voice, as he still doesnt know the power of Jaamdaar, and then asks him men to throw him out, and not let him in again. he taunts shaurya and goes inside. Shaurya is taken out, as he is shocked and tensed what to do. Meanwhile, the doctor somehow manages to take the duct tape off her face, and then tries to untie her ropes, praying to the lord, that she has to save diya somehow, as she would be ashamed if she isnt able to help her today. shaurya too prays that he has less time left, and waits for the goddess’ signal, and wonders where is the doctor. She is finally able to set herself free, and tries to look through the window, if anyone can free her. she finds shaurya standing right below on the ground. She screams for him, but jaamdaar’s men gag her yet again and hold her back. he calls the doctor, and she tries to receive the call. The phone falls in the scuffle, right at the place of the jagrata. shaurya hears the sound, and understands that she is captive inside the house, from the noise. He rushes back yet again but thinks that the security is tight here and tries to get through the back door. he then eyes a saree and gets an idea.

Indiscreetly inside the saree, shaurya makes his way through thr crowd, along with the doctor. Jaamdaar finds him walking out suspiciously in the saree along with someone else. He notices that the first lady is in boots. He asks them to stop, just as they are about to leave the house. Shaurya and the doctor who have covered their faces under the dupatta are tensed that their secret might be up. Jaamdaar is highly suspicious.

Scene 3:

Location: Court

urmi and diya arrive in the court. urmi asks her to wait, so that she goes and asks the assistant about the medical reports. Urmi leaves. Nigam comes with hic clients, and finds diya. He greets her tauntingly, and adds that she is looking too hot, in the media, asking what good did it do, since her efforts went in vain, and only more predators shall come for her. Diya asks why is she so worried. Nigam says that he has a daughter too, and then adds that the rapists are good men and she should find her prospective suitor in them only. Unperturbed, she says that it isnt a bad idea, but she isnt interested, as she doesnt deserve such good people, as she has been raped, and hence they are as noble as him, and that he should choose one of them for his daughter or better still marry her off to all three of them. nigam is about to slap her, when she holds his hand and asks him to stop. she asks him to take his hypocritical nature and face to his daughter, so that she also knows who the father is. she lets go of his hand and storms inside, while nigam fumes. he decides to insult her in the court then.

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Doli Armaanon Ki 29th August 2015 Written Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 29th August 2015 Written Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 29th August 2015 Written Update


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