Badi Devrani 28th August 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani 28th August 2015 Written Update:

The episode starts with Reeti reaching a bar searching for NK. She asks manager if NK stays here. He says she looks from a good family and should not come here, no one named NK stays here. She thinks what to do now. Vibhor comes and stands in front of her. She tries to speak. He asks if this is her temple, if she is not ashamed of coming here being Poddar bahu. She asks him to stop, shows her marriage card and says this card ruined her life 5 years ago and wants to meet man who printed this card and find out truth. She asks if he does not trust her. He says he trusts her, but she does not trust him and is lying to save herself, earlier she went to new market and now came here telling him lie. He asks her to come home after she finds out her, she can come home, but should smear her face black so that people should not identify her as her poddar bahu.

Reeti thinks he is angry thinking about his family’s dignity now, but she is facing insulting since 5 years, so she will find out truth at any cost. She shows card to another card seller who says a proofreader named Badshah stores all card matters, she can meet him. Reeti takes his address and meets him. He shows her card matter. She sees handwriting and thinks she will find out whose handwriting it is and who ruined her life.

While walking down stairs, Bhairavi slips and twists her leg. Kajal asks what happened to her. Bhairavi says her black magic is getting weak and she will not spare that person.

Reeti performs pooja. Daadi, Prabha, and kaushalya join her and ask why she is performing pooja. Reeti says she is performing pooja for Vibhor’s new business and asks them to write bestwishes for his business on paper. They write. Bilasi passes by and asks what are they doing. Daadi asks him to come and write best wishes for vibhor’s business. He says biyani’s daughter/reeti is trying to lure ladies and says shraddha should be in heart. Bharavi comes with kajal. Bilasi starts praising bhairavi that she is auspicious and intelligent and should perform pooja. Bhairavi says she does not like left up things and does not want to interfere in someone’s issues. Kajal says at least Reeti is doing something good for vibhor now. Daadi asks them both to write best wishes for Vibhor. The take papers. Reeti performs pooja with bhajan.

After pooja, Reeti with daadi checks all papers and compares handwriting, but they don’t match. She sees 2 papers blank. Daadi says Bilasi must have not scribbled as he must have printed her marriage card. She says Tauji’s paper is her and even all family memebers, except Kajal and Bhairavi. Daadi says they must be culprits. Reeti says she will find out the truth at any cost and prove herself innocent.

Reeti asks Bhairavi to teach her pooja mantras to pray for Vibhor. Bhairavi says she prepared them with a lot of hard work and will not give it to her. Reeti asks her to teach her some simple mantras at least. Bhairavi thinks prey has come herself to get trapped.

Bhairavi writes mantras on paper. Reeti sees tea and purposefully drops it on Bhairavi. Bhairavi starts yelling that she ruined her precious sari. Reeti asks Kajal to write remaining mantra. Kajal asks why don’t she write. Reeti says if she writes it wrong, mantra will not work. Bhairavi thinks she is right, if she recites mantra wrongly, it will not affect Reeti. She insists Kajal to write it and she agrees. Reeti gets happy.

Precap: Reeti sees Kajal dancing in temple without limping and thinks she does not kajal’s true face is this or the one she shows in Poddar family.

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Badi Devrani 28th August 2015 Written Update

Written Episode

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Badi Devrani 28th August 2015 Written Update


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