Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 24 August 2015 Written Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 24 August 2015 Written Episode:

Riitka comes to study where she hears Ranvee was crying, he was angry and says that everytime he believe in Ishaani and everytime she broke his trust. This time, he will not forgive her at all, she isn’t worth his love or trust. He throws the pillows nearby on floor. Ritika turns and happily says that this time everything is fine, nor will Ranveer forgive Ishaani at all. She cries for her baby saying she has feeling of a mother as well, she says that God called him because he knew his mama had so much to do. She watches RV walking past her, and wonders if RV is again going to ishaani.

Ishaani stands up again and is determined that she won’t let Ritika ruin the lives of everyone. She calls Shekhar.

Chaitali and Ritesh discussed that Ishaani did such a drama with them and they couldn’t know about it. Chaitali was worried if Ranveer throws them out of the house as well, where they will go. Krisha and Dewarsh stand on the door, Krisha hears this all. Chaitali greets Krisha and Ritesh sends them upstairs. In the room, Krisha is worried and says that now Ranveer threw Ishaani out of the house. Ishaani won’t divorce Ranveer and her brother would suffer a lot as he loves Ishaani. Dewarsh thinks that this matter is getting worse, now he must take a side of Shekhar and Krisha and get divorce papers signed by Ishaani. He promises Krisha to get papers signed.

Ranveer tells his family that he will marry Ritika as soon as possible. Baba asks how he will marry Ritika if Ishaani doesn’t divorce her. RV says he will take divorce anyway from Ishaani. He comes to the corridor where Ritika poses to be upset. RV says to Ritika that he is sorry for everything, had he married her earlier she must not have lost this all. He promises to marry her in next two days. Ritika smiles that in two days, no one will be able to come between her and RV.

Ishaani tells Shekhar that she informed her family she is with him. They are living in the same house. Shekhar asks Ishaani to come with him to his house. Ishaani says she won’t be able to face his parents after all she had done to Ritika. Shekhar gives her a glass of water. Ishaani is worried and says she doesn’t know what she should do, everything except Ritika’s truth is out. Shekhar tells Ishaani that tomorrow morning, she will be there in that house. Ishaani asks what plan he has. Shekhar smiles.

Next morning, Amba and Lakshmi pray. Amba asks Lakshmi if she called Pandit ji. Lakshmi says he will be there just in a while. Both Lakshmi and Amba happily dance, Chaitali comes out and joins them. Ritika watches this from upstairs. Amba watches Chaitali and asks why she is dancing. Chaitali says she gets excited when watching someone dancing. Ritika says she is such an idiot that she is dancing without knowing she will also go out of the house.

Some ladies hooting against Ranveer. Amba tries to quarrel with them but they aren’t ready to listen and asks to call Ranveer, they will get him arrested. They say that they heard Ranveer Vaghela sent Ishaani out of the house and is about to marry someone else. He can’t marry anyone else because he isn’t yet divorced. The ladies say that the ones who will side Ranveer will also be culprits. They ask about Amba, Lakshmi and Chaitali back up. Ritika calls Ranveer.

Ranveer gives the divorce papers to lawyer asking him to get them signed and if she denies he must let her talk to him. Ritika calls Ranveer and tells him about the situation. Ranveer says this must be Ishaani’s another plan.

Amba quarrels with the ladies, they put black colour on their hand to blacken Amba’s face. Ishaani comes between them and shouts at the ladies how dare they touch her mother in law. The lady tells Ishaani that this lady pushed her out of the house. Ishaani says she herself left the house with her own will. The lady says that reason was Ritika, and Amba didn’t stop her even from leaving. Ishaani says she isn’t bending to injustice but to her family. She says she doesn’t know this is right or wrong, but this is a wrong way to get justice done and she can’t see unjust done to her family. The ladies say that ladies like Amba never change, and as soon as they leave she will push her out of the house as well. Amba comes at once saying that she brought Ishaani home by her own self, she loves Ishaani and when there is love there is always fights. Lakshmi also butters Ishaani and Amba’s relation. Amba says to Ishaani that since ishaani had left she didn’t eat anything since yesterday. Lakshmi announces that they will eat together. Ishaani tells the ladies if they have seen their love. She will neither leave the house now nor will Ranveer marry Ritika.

PRECAP: Ranveer shouts at Ishaani to leave the house. Ishaani shouts back that she won’t leave the house until she saves him from Ritika. She will not leave, he may do whatever he wants to.


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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 24 August 2015 Written Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 24 August 2015 Written Episode

Written Episode

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 24 August 2015 Written Episode


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