Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Sandhya going to the truck. She sees the similar sticker as the place where Chandu has stolen the chip. She knocks on the diesel tank and thinks there is something else in second tank. She says no one should come here, there is no bathroom at dhaba, so I have to be alone here for some time. She gets the chip and is stunned.

Lalima talks to Lord and cries, that she did ask Lord for any destined thing till now, even when her parents died, when she got Sooraj’s proposal, she said yes seeing Lord’s ansh in him, she has seen truth in his eyes, why did this cheat happened with me, give me any sign. She sees Sooraj coming to the temple and hides. Sooraj keeps Sandhya’s pic near the idol and talks to Lord and says I did not lie to anyone, I did not cheat anyone, I love my wife a lot, everyone is saying she is dead, they wanted me to marry someone else. Lalima hears him and thinks it means even Sooraj is cheated. Sooraj says I know Sandhya is alive, she can never leave me, she is around me.

He says whom should I ask where is Sandhya, you are Lord, tell me where is she, I will not go from here till I get your answer, I will beg to you where is she. He cries and asks Lord to answer him. Lalima cries seeing him. Sooraj says I promise I will not go from here till you get Sandhya infront of me, I won’t go home, till Sandhya does not enter that house. Lalima thinks Sooraj still believed Sandhya is alive, not dead. Sooraj says he will not go without getting answer, and keeps his hand on the trishul.

He says he will do Tapasya to get his wife, and asks for the answer. He showers flowers, plays shank and plays the dhol. He gets adamant. Lalima looks on and cries. Sooraj takes a trishul and stands in spiritual symbol. He rings the bell continuously and his hand starts bleeding. He beats the drum and gets his hands hurt. He holds the turshul and his hand bleeds a lot. Sooraj says we will see whose stubbornness breaks today, mine or yours. Lalima comes to him and stops him. She says Sandhya is alive, I know they all are lying. He asks does she know Sandhya is alive, and hugs her happily.

Mata Rani’s chunri falls on them. Lalima takes the chunri and thinks she has got Shiv ji’s sign, that she should protect this pure hearted person from this suffocation. Sooraj says Lalima you are Sandhya’s wife, do you know where is Sandhya, she is actually lost, tell me where is she, I have her photo, see there, you can ask people by showing her pic. Lalima ses Sandhya’s pic and thinks Sandhya is very lucky to get such loving husband, he is still in her memories. She says we should go home, everyone is waiting.

Sooraj says no, I m annoyed, they lied to me, I know they will make me marry someone by lying, I will go home when I get home. Lalima thinks this can’t happen if he stays here, I have to take him home, everyone will be worried. Babasa tells Ved that Sooraj will come. Mohit and Vikram come home. Ved asks them about Sooraj. Vikram says he did not get Sooraj. Bhabho says its all because of me, how could I tell so bitter to him, he was already broken and now his heart broken. Babasa says we should report to police. Vikram says no, they take report after 24 hours. Meenakshi asks him to tell Zakir, he will help us. Mohit says Bhabhi…. Meenakshi says I mean I m worried for Sooraj.

Sandhya is at the dhaba, and thinks she has got the chip that Garjana has stolen, and now she has to use this chip to catch Chandu. She says she has finished the food, it was tasty, she will just go and wash hands. She washes the hands and thinks she has to find out who is Chandu. She tells Shekhar about police checking ahead, they are cheaking every vehicle well. She says maybe they are finding that big thing stolen, I m very scared of police. She thinks nnow Chandu will change the place of the chip after hearing this. Chandu thinks he can’t lose the chip and asks his men to come for a walk.

Chandu calls commander and tells about police security, he will hide chip somewhere else. The commander says chip is imp, stay there till tomorrow, find a safe place to hide the chip. Chandu says its long journey, we will rest for few hours. Sooraj talks to Lalima. She says they will find Sandhya and takes him. He says we will show this pic to people, they will tell us. They get downstairs from the temple. She thinks to take Sooraj his home safely. The pic flies and falls inside the well. He says my Sandhya’s pic, I will get it. She asks him to wait, she will get it, he can hold her weight, how can she manage him if he goes. She pulls the water bucket and removes it from the rope. She ties the rope to her waist and tries reaching Sandhya’s pic stuck on the tree branch lowered in the well. He asks her to be careful.


Chandu goes to find the chip. Sandhya comes on the road. Officer Singh passes by on the road and stops her car seeing Sandhya. She says Sandhya Rathi…

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2015 Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2015 Written Update

Written Episode

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2015 Written Update


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