Manmarziyan 22 August 2015 Written Episode

Manmarziyan 22 August 2015 Written Episode:
The Episode starts with Nandini telling Arjun that he is in love with Radhika. Sam comes and greets her. Nandini says Arjun is in true love, say whats the cure for this. Sam says there is no cure for love and excuses herself. Nandini asks Arjun to take Radhika’s sign till night, will he be able to do this. Arjun says I will get her sign, and looks at Radhika. Radhika sits thinking. Nandini asks her does she come here to work or dream, atleast she can work at home if not here. Radhika says you can work, if I do everything, you will get bored.

Nandini says so sweet, all this drama will end soon, as Arjun will be kicking you out from home. Radhika says Arjun is not so bad as you want to make him, he has a good person in him, he can’t do this. Nandini laughs and says you got trapped, you came to save Sam, you are trying to find Arjun and make him Lord, the Arjun whom you love is making your divorce papers ready, and you are dreaming here, you better sit and dream, don’t do work, this suits you better. She goes. Samrat looks on shocked.

Sam asks Neil to come out. Neil asks her to go. She says no one is going anywhere, come out idiot. He asks will you stop me? She says why will I, you will stop on your own. You can’t go without notice, and says many things. He says none of these reasons can stop me. She asks then what reason can stop you. He says I won’t say, you think yourself. He goes. She recalls Samrat’s words.

Samrat talks to Siddharth. Nandini comes to him and greets. He says my place is vacant, please sit. She says I want Piyali’s place, not yours. He says when a place is not vacant, second place should be made. He says he has got all those memories back, of them and birdsong. She moves away from him. He asks does she remember those days. She says I have some work and starts leaving. He holds her hand and stops her, asking why is she leaving so soon, when she came to meet him. She leaves. He says what do you think Nandini, just you can play this game, and smiles.

Arjun looks for Radhika. He calls her and does not connect. He comes home and asks Mala did Radhika come home. Mala says yes, she is in her room, she said she is unwell. Arjun comes to Radhika and asks is she fine. Radhika shows the divorce papers. She asks him does he want her to sign on these papers…..

Sam asks Neil will he answer truly if she asks the right question. She asks do you love me. Neil looks at her. Radhika asks Arjun to say. Arjun says this is not divorce paper, not to break this fake relation, we can end this punishment and move on in life. She says I don’t have any way to move on. He asks till when will we keep this drama. She says till you leave Sam.

He holds her and makes her sit. He says its foolishness to expect what can’t happen, till Nandini’s tears don’t stop, I can’t stop following Sam, this marriage can’t stop me, but you can get free by signing on these papers, and live life your way, our game has no place for you, go Radhika. She says she made her place when she married him. He asks her to go away, else her inner lightness will get bad sighted by this darkness. She asks does he want this divorce, or Nandini di?

She says she can’t give him divorce. He asks why. She says for Sam. He asks what, just for Sam, is there no other reason, tell me why are you after me, why don’t you want wish to give me divorce, say it once, maybe I will leave everything and move back, tell me. She says there can’t be any reason between us, I don’t have such status and you don’t have that courage. He angrily leaves.

Sam asks Neil to say does he love her. Neil holds her and sees her well. He asks did she see her face in mirror, that she thinks the world loves her, I wish, but I don’t love you. She asks would you tell me if you did. He says I would have not needed to say, you would have heard my heart voice. She asks then why is he going, her life will be incomplete without him. He says maybe I want to make you realize this.

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Manmarziyan 22 August 2015 Written Episode

Manmarziyan 22 August 2015 Written Episode

Written Episode

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Manmarziyan 22 August 2015 Written Episode


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