Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 21 August 2015 Written Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 21 August 2015 Written Episode:

Amba and Ritika blame Ishaani. Ishaani come to the door and says this is a lie. Ritika is shocked to see Ishaani. Ishaani comes to Ranveer and tries to explain to Ranveer that he knows her, she doesnt know that man. Ritika stops Ishaani, she says she and her family can’t see her happiness, if she hated her she should take revenge from her, why she killed her child. Who else was there in this world of her child. Shekhar calls that child’s grand mother was there. Shekhar comes there with Mrs. Mehta and says to Ritika why she didnt tell anyone that Mrs. Mehta is the grand mother of her child. Ranveer asks what is happening here. Shekhar asks Mrs. Mehta to speak now. Ritika was about to go when Ishaani holds her hand and says to Ritika that when she has lied so much, she must hear some truth as well. Mrs. Mehta says they might not believe anything she is about to say but Ritika is about to become a mother of her Chiraag’s child. She asks them to forgive her because someone asked her to say whatever she is saying. Amba asks who? Mrs. Mehta takes the name of Ishaani. ishaani leaves Ritika’s hand in shock. Mrs. Mehta says Ishaani gave her money to say this all to them. Shekhar and Ishaani resists, but Ranveer tells them to stop it. Ishaani comes to plead but Mrs. Mehta asks Ishaani not to kill her now. She says she had sent Ishaani that night and she had sent the shooter as well. When she couldnt convince RV that night, Ishaani asked the shooter to fire. Shekhar resists, but RV blames Ishaani. He says to Ishaani that she will not say a word now, Mrs. Mehta, Ritika and shooter all are saying the same thing, she got Ritika’s child murdered. He says that for money, Ishaani fell down so much. Ishaani says she didnt kill anyone but Ritika killed Chiraag. Ritika is shocked. Ishaani says that she wanted Chiraag to marry her, but when he denied she killed him. RV shuts Ishaani up, he says DNA test proved it was Sharman’s child. Ishaani says Sharman knew this and was posing. Ritika says that everyone has been doing a drama. Ishaani says that she will do anything to save RV from her. She tells RV that she had no accident, Ritika attacked on her to kill her on the day he was getting married to Ritika. She was about to marry Shekhar still she came back to RV to save him from this lady. RV disbeliefs Ishaani, he asks if she was doing all this drama of memory loss. Shekhar tries to explain, RV stops him. He says he has been hurt because he knows her since childhood. He says that when he loved her she went away from him but when he moved on in life she couldnt see this, she returned to him. He says today he will hold his hand on her if she says a word. Shekhar comes forward and says stop it, Ishaani did this all for him. RV pushes him back, he blames Shekhar for being involved as well. He tells him to take Ishaani and get out of this home. He says that Ishaani lied to him and Shekhar lied to his friend. He says he will push them all today like he was pushed out of this house. Ishaani stops RV, RV says he wants Ishaani to stop this all. He curses the day he fall in love with her, as Ishaani isnt worth loving. He says that first Ishaani ruined his life and now is about to ruin Ritika’s life. Ishaani tries to explain, but RV doesnt listen. He says when Ishaani has recalled her memory, she must divorce him now. He drags Ishaani out of the house, Ishaani asks him to think again. RV says he doesnt want to think about her now, but only his family. He pushes her out of the door, thinking about their wedding being reversed. He shuts the doors leaving Shekhar and Ishaani out. RV goes into the room. Ritika thinks she has told Ishaani she won’t win. ishaani wanted to seperate her from RV, but got seperated herself.

Outside, Ishaani walks lost. Shekhar follows her. Ishaani says everything is finished, their plan, their mission, everything. She wanted to seperate RV from Ritika, but she brought them even more close. She wanted to save Ranveer from Ritika but she increased his problem. Shekhar says nothing is ruined, they can plan something else. Ishaani says nothing can be done now, she thanks him for being there always. Shekhar says I can understand but whenever she needs him he is a phone call away. Ishaani walks out alone.

Ishaani walks on the road, thinking about RV’s words, crying.

RV comes to study angrily, he watches Ishaani’s photo there and breaks it on the floor. He walks restlessly, crying, thinking about Mrs. Mehta’s words. Ishaani’s confession. He breaks another vase in frustration.

PRECAP: Ishaani says to Shekhar that she wants to save RV from Ritika at any cost but doesnt get it how to accomplish that. She holds her head worried.

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 21 August 2015 Written Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 21 August 2015 Written Episode

Colors TV Written Episode

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 21 August 2015 Written Episode


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