Tashan E Ishq 20th August 2015 Written Update

Tashan E Ishq 20th August 2015 Written Update:

Scene 1

Twinkle is jumping from gallery, Dada comes and ask what are you doing? she says i am trying to get network, he says you will get hurt, come down, Dada leaves, twinkle jumps.

Manohar thanks Leela and says you came here for first time and didnt have any refreshment, Leela says its not needed, this is my in laws house so i can drink water here, Manohar says i know your daughter will have good upbringing, Leela leaves, Manohar’s wife says we should ask Kunj too, Manohar says i accept this relation so no issues.

Twinkle comes to Yuvi, she says we need one selfie, we are doing a big thing of our life so one selfie, she takes selfie, she says i cant believe that we are doing this? this is most important part of our life, i used to think that this happen in movies only where two lovers run from world to make their own land, she says i forgot my charm bracelet, Yuvi says i will bring another one, Twinkle says no that is proof of our love, i cant leave without it, i will bring it, you sit in car, she goes back to home.

Twinkle comes back home, Leela ask are you going somewhere? Twinkle says on lunch with friends, Leela says beware dont eat something spicy, i have ordered a designer shawl for you, Twinkle ask why? Leela says i will bring everything what you want, Leela says you are best daughter, Twinkle says you are best, i am leaving, Leela says dont say like this, your father also said he is leaving and never cameback, you supported me at that time, i lived for you only, if anything happens to you then i will not be able to live, she makes her wear necklace and says i feel something bad is going to happen to you so i am giving it to you, your father gave it to me that it will protect me, now it will protect you, Twinkle says if you give it to me then who will protect you? Leela says parents life are in kids, my happiness and sadness belong to you, you are my lifeline, if anything happens to you then i will die so you have to take care of yourself, Twinkle hugs her and says i love you, Leela ask Twinkle to go with friends, she leaves.

Scene 2

Twinkle is sleeping in her room, Yuvi comes and wakes her up, he ask what you think about me? what you messaged me? everything was fine and now you changed your mind? Twinkle says to Yuvi that i got selfish for a while, i got in your talks, this is not right, i cant run with you, i cant hurt my mom, she has no one, if i eave her then she will break so i changed my mind, Yuvi says weldone, you are good daughter but what about our love? we have whole life and if you are thinking that our families animosity will end then you are wrong, this is our chance, i love you alot, Twinkle says i love you too but think once how difficult it is to be single mother but she did everything for me and now when its my time, how can i leave her? this is not fair, Yuvi says everything is fair in love, i love my mom but i am giving priority to my love, i am leaving everything for you, Twinkle says our love is not above our families, Yuvi says if this is case then listen to me, if you come with me today or end this relation, Twinkle cries, Yuvi says now decide whom you choose, your mom or Yuvraj, Twinkle cries and doesnt answer, he says your silence said everything,

Pooja is going on in Leela’s house, Twinkle comes and .sit with family, Twinkle gets in tears, Leela says to Guruji that whatever you will do will be best for us, swhe tells bubbly that this ardas says that whatever you give us it is for us and whatever you take from us is not for us, you will always bless us.

Yuvi is working out in his house and recalls Twinkle’s words that i cant leave my mom, he find Twinkle’s Nana working out with small sticks too in his house, Yuvi thinks why he is staring me? does he have any idea about our affair?

Twinkle wakes up and says my bad dream has become reality, i broke up with Yuvi, Leela comes and ask what happend to you? you didnt eat dinner too, she says i am fine, Leela tells her that Sarna’s have invited us in party and you have to come as i have to them for proposal of their son Kunj, Twinkle says you started again? Leela says stop it, this time you will not say anything, they are very nice family and i have challenged Anita too.

PRECAP- Twinkle ask Yuvi this is really final breakup? he says i dont care about you. Leela says to Twinkle that this time i will not listen to you, this marriage has to happen, get ready. media ask Manohar where is his son Kunj? Manohar say he will be here in a while, Kunj’s entry is shown.

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Tashan E Ishq 20th August 2015 Written Update

Tashan E Ishq 20th August 2015 Written Update

Written Episode

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Tashan E Ishq 20th August 2015 Written Update


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