Badi Devrani 18th August 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani 18th August 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani 18th August 2015 Written Update:

The episode starts with Reeti serving bring tea for herself and Vibhor. She praises tea that is a very good ginger tea. Vibhor gets tempted. She asks him to take cup if he wants. He sips tea and says it is bitter. He says it is because of his fever and asks if she should change it. He says it is okay and thanks her for tea. She asks when will their misunderstanding clear. He says until he knows who changed cards during kitty party, it will not. She thinks she will have to find out the answer to clear Vibhor’s misunderstanding.

In the morning, Kajal weighs herself and says Bhairavi that she has gained 1.5 kg more, so she does not want to sleep more. Bhairavi says even she will not let her sleep as she will have to get Reeti out of her way. She shows Reeti’s pic on a doll with full of pins.

Vibhor gets wakes up in the morning. Kajal enters with Bhairavi. Prabha thanks her for getting Vibhor’s fever down. Daadima also thanks her and asks to treat Prabha stomach ailment. Bhairavi says she will and says papaya is very good for stomach ailment. Reeti asks Kajal how is her backache. She says she is fine now. Bhairavi thinks she has to get rid of Reeti first. Reeti thinks Bhairavi gives both pain and medicine, she will get her true face in front of everyone soon.

Bhairavi gives black magic sweets to family members. Bilasi sees that and thinks if he eats anything from her hand, he will become her pet dog, so he should not. Bhairavi comes in front and asks him to have sweet. He says he had 4 samosas in shop and cannot have anything now. She stuffs sweets in his mouth and leaves.

Vibhor gets ready for meeting. Reeti gives him boiled water bottle and asks him not to have outside food. She says she has even kept fruit for him. He asks why is she doing this. She says she wants him to succeed in life soon and suggests him not to be too honest with client and tell he does not have finance and instead tell finance is ready. He asks if she wants him to lie now and says he will not take finance from her dad. She says she did not mean that and just telling him tactics of business. She wishes him good luck for his meeting and feeds him sweet curd. He thanks her and leaves. She prays god to make Vibhor’s meeting successful.

Bhairavi does her black magic on payapa. Kajal asks what will she do with this papaya. Bhairavi asks her not to question and just look at the drama. Kajal thinks she brought her to see the drama and thinks who will stop her from ruling this house now.

Bhairavi gives papaya to Prabha and says it is very good for her stomach ailment. She tells daadi that this is only for Prabha and if they need it, she will send them another papaya. Daadi says she just wants prabha to get well soon. Bhairavi says this papaya is amrith and will cure Prabha’s problems. Reeti sees whole drama and thinks something is wrong in this papaya, else why will bhairavi want only prabha to eat it. Bhairavi asks Reeti why is she eyeing on papaya. Daadi says her Reeti bahu does not eye on anything.

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Badi Devrani 18th August 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani 18th August 2015 Written Update

Written Episode

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Badi Devrani 18th August 2015 Written Update

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