Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 17th August 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 17th August 2015 Written Update:

Ranveer keeps standing outside the room, he hides himself behind the door and peeks at Ishaani who spreads a bed cover at the floor and keeps her pillow there as well. He thinks why is she doing this all, if she has a problem why doesn’t she tell him. Ishaani switches the lights of room off, shuts the door. Ranveer is worried outside. He thinks that he was nine years old since when he knows her pains, he will know about this pain as well.

In the morning, Ishaani gets ready and thinks that Ritesh said he will neither take help from Shekhar nor Ranveer, so she must go to bail Sharman. She feels dizzy at once, then gets stable and opens the door of her room. Ritika was coming out of her room as well, Ritika pities her that she even got a gift on Teej and shows her earrings. Ishaani leaves without replying. Ishaani comes downstairs to see Ritesh, Chaitali and others coming with Ranveer. Sharman was behind them. Ritika comes downstairs behind Ishaani and is shocked to see them all. Ishaani runs to her family and says she was coming to meet them, and they are here. She hugs Chaitali and Sharman. Ranveer thinks that last night she had tears for her family, though they have distances between them but their hearts aren’t that apart that he can’t understand her pain. Ritesh tells Ishaani Ranveer brought them all here. Ranveer says he wanted to surprise Ishaani and this is also a gift for her Teej. Chaitali goes to complain Ritika that she sent them to a wrong address. Ritika says the address was right, maybe she gave them a wrong keys. She says had she called her, she would have given her the keys herself. Chaitali forgives Ritika at once and goes to Ritesh saying she hasn’t eaten anything since last night. Ranveer tells them that Ishaani also didn’t eat anything since last night, she is as worried as they have been. He asks them to have breakfast together and sends Ritika to ask Mala serve breakfast. Ishaani looks into Ranveer’s eyes and they have an eyelock. Lakshmi says to Amba to see Ishaani is looking at Ranveer as if doing magic on him. Amba says that Ishaani has defeated Ritika completely.

Ranveer tells Amba to get her files in Ishaani’s room, he goes to get them himself. Ishaani comes behind him and thanks Ranveer. Ranveer says he knows why she is thanking him, but he did this all for his mata bapu’s family. He says to Ishaani that before everything they are friends, then why she didn’t tell him about the problem of Ritesh and Sharman. Ritika heard this all. Ishaani asks how he knew about it all. Ranveer says he saw her crying last night, he was in so much pain due to it. He wanted to get to the roots of the matter so he asked the driver who took you with Ritesh and everyone to factory. There he came to know Sharman is in the jail, so he bailed him out. Ishaani holds Ranveer’s hand and says thanks to him genuinely. Ritika curtly watches this at the door, Ishaani watches her there and says to Ranveer that whether he considers her his wife or friend but she has no one in her life than him. No relation is better than friendship, from now on she will share all her problems with him. Ranveer nods at her, then tells her to eat something as he is leaving for office. When Ranveer has left, Ishaani calls at Ritika that she can come out now. Ritika comes inside the room, Ishaani says she didn’t do anything till now and she started to hide her face. She watches Ritika’s earrings and says they seems to be expensive, she must save them for her bad times. Ishaani says Ranveer gave her these earrings and Ishaani her family, because he knows who is happy in what. She says to Ritika that she has to return Ranveer his gift now, but Ritika doesn’t even know what the happiness of Ritika is. Ritika leaves the room.

In the corridor, Ritika comes across Ritesh and Pratik. Ritika was about to enter her room when Pratik’s phone rings. Pratik poses that it was a call from the owner of the house Ritika sent them to. Pratik asks if he will file a case against Ritika Zaveri? Ritika is shocked to hear this. Ritesh tries to apologize him saying she is even pregnant. Pratik poses that the phone was disconnected after warning them that he will get her to jail. They both cheer as Ritilka leaves in worry.

In a restaurant, Shekhar asks Ishaani why she didn’t tell him, Ishaani says Ritesh kaka forbid her to tell him as they are Dewarsh’s inlaws. Shekhar says that only ones owns come of help at time of need. Ishaani says Ritesh has some old thinking, he thinks some relations are only worth respect. She agrees with him. Ishaani was worried and Shekhar notices this. Ishaani tells him that she is now afraid of Ritika. She killed her mother, and may harm her family as well. Shekhar tells her not to worry, Ishaani will not be able to do anything to her family. He says he has a way to bring Ritika’s truth to everyone, he shows her something. Both get the idea.

Ritika shows Ishaani’s photo to the murderer, she tells him to see carefully this lady. He has to kill her tonight at Ranveer Vaghela’s house, she warns him not to tell anyone she sent him.

PRECAP: Chiraag’s mother asks Ranveer why he is owning a child who isn’t his. Ranveer asks what she means. She says that Ritika is going to give birth to her Chiraag’s child. Ritika is also shocked at her revelation. Ishaani stands smiling besides them, the shooter takes her aim.

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 17th August 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 17th August 2015 Written Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 17th August 2015 Written Update


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