Tashan E Ishq 13th August 2015 Written Update

Tashan E Ishq 13th August 2015 Written Update

Tashan E Ishq 13th August 2015 Written Update:

Scene 1

Twinkle wears Yuvi’s hoodie and starts leaving his house but Anita stops her thinking she is Yuvi, to save Twinkle, Yuvi breaks vase, Anita goes to see it, Twinkle runs from there.

Twinkle is sleeping in her bed, she dreams herself on cruise, a wave comes, she gets scared and hugs someone, face is not shown, her alarm starts ringing and she wakes up, she smiles and says today also Yuvi didnt come in my dreams, when he will come in my dreams.

Leela meets a relative, relative says my daughter Chinki is getting engaged, Leela says she is like my daughter so we will do her engagement in my house, Chinki’s mother says that its good idea, she says you have talked to many punjabi boys for twinkle but it didnt lturn out well, i have one guy for Twinkle, she shows her magazine and says he is Manohar sarna, Leela says he is the one who got award, she says you are right, his Son kunj Sarna is most eligible bachelor, they are coming to India today, it can work for Twinkle, i have invited them in Chinki’s engagement, Leela says you have done great, now its my twinkle’s number to get married.

Scene 2

a big house is shown, manager ask servants to work fast as sir is coming any moment, he says Manohar sir doesnt like mistakes. Manohar’s car arrives home, he gets down and ask manager where is employ? he says he is late, Manohar says i will fire him next time if he is late.

Manohar comes in home, his wife comes with aarti plate but he stops her and says i will enter home on time which was given by Guru and there is still 10seconds in that, he waits and then allows her, she does his aarti and gives parsad. he comes to Mandir in house and bows to guru ji.

twinkle is getting ready for engagement, Yuvi calls her and ask how you are looking? she says very beautiful, he ask her to send her selfie, she sends selfie of her hand only, he ask what is this? she says you cant see me so soon, if you have guts then come to my house in engagement and see me, Yuvi says i have guts, i will come, Twinkle says all family will be present in engagement, you cant come, Yuvi says nobody can stop me, i will come, will compliment you too, just see, Yuvi is coming, he ends call.

Leela’s relatives come from abroad, Pinni meets Leela, Pinni says call me Pi, its cool, Twinkle’s cousin congrats her on winning miss amritsar title, Pinni says she should be awarded how to shoo away girls, you shooed Sunny too, Twinkle says you are looking so pretty, you should Miss amritsar, Pinni gets impressed, Leela says alot have to be done, Pi says i have come so everything will happen fast, Twinkle clicks family selfie.

Scene 3

Manohar prays to Waheguru and says our city has its own smell, when i went from here 10 years back, i had nothing in my hands, all i wanted was fame, now all city, all punjab is under my feet and it all happened because of Guruji, Guruji says you have got all because of your hardwork, Manohar says no hardwork paysoff only when it is done on right time, i cant take step forward without asking you, Guruji says you told me that you are going to appear in Amritsar community today, i wanted to say something, be away from sky blue color, dont wear it and make sure nobody wears that color around you, and other thing maybe today Laxmi ji will come infront of you and she can come in any appearance, Manohar’s wife come there and she is wearing sky blue color, guruji looks at Manohar and leaves, Manohar angrily looks at his wife and says guruji told me to be away from blue color today, his wife says today is Mrs. Kaur’s daughter’s engagement so i wore it, Manohar says people will see me after 10years so they should see my class but whatever you do, you will look same, i have called stylist, she will make you ready, be ready on time.

Engagement party of Chinki and Jeet starts, Mrs’ Kaur thanks Leela for arranging everything, Pi says we should thank you as people have gathered in our house, they wait for Twinkle and Chinki, Leela ask what Mrs. sharma is doing here? she wasnt invited, Mrs. Kaur says they all have come to meet Manohar Sarna as they want his son to marry their daughter.

Twinkle makes chinki ready and says jeeju will die seeing your beauty, Chinki says i have arranged marriage, i dont have passionate love story like you and Yuvi, Twinkle says you have not invited Yuvi here, Chinki says you mother is doing my engagement in your house and you want me to invite her enemy’s son here? twinkle says i have challenged Yuvi to come here and see me, Chinki is shocked.

leela thinks that i cant let anyone snatch my daughter’s happiness, Manohar’s son will marry my daughter only.

PRECAP- Leela meets Manohar and his wife. Leela tells Sharma family that Manohar has come here to find maid not daughter in law so that she leaves from there. twinkle says to Manohar’s wife that i have not seen cheap person like you, you want money right? she gives her some money and leaves, wife says i have not seen so shameless girl in my life, she said bitter words without any reason.

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Tashan E Ishq 13th August 2015 Written Update

Tashan E Ishq 13th August 2015 Written Update

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Tashan E Ishq 13th August 2015 Written Update

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