Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 13th August 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 13th August 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 13 August 2015 Written Update:

Ritika says to Ishaani that she must forget about her husband. Ishaani says that a woman doesn’t want to fast for life of her husband, she can pray daily for the life of her husband so Ritika don’t need to worry about her sargi. Ritika asks Ishaani if she will fast without Sargi, this will not fulfil her fast and she must only continue the drama of her memory loss. Ranveer comes there. Ritika is quiet, Ishaani says to Ranveer she didn’t it all just for him. Ranveer says he knows that until she eats Sargi with his hand se can’t fast, Ritika is relieved. Ranveer turns to Ritika and says that he told Ishaani not to fast but she didn’t agree. He was about to put Sargi in her mouth, Ishaani asks for the laddu and says these have been made by Amba so she wants to eat mother in law’s sargi from husband’s hand. Mr. Mehra watches Ishaani and Ranveer together from the doorsteps, he turns to leave without giving Ishaani her Sargi. Shekhar comes behind Mr. Mehra and asks what he is doing here. He tries to tell Mr. Mehra that his mom is getting emotional but he must not. They were about to leave but Ishaani comes outside and touches Mr. Mehra’s feet taking blessings from him and says Hi to Shekhar. Ishaani asks Mr. Mehra what this is. Shekhar says he came to pooja in the temple nearby. Mr. Mehra says Kanchal said that they must send Ishaani Prasad as she was unwell during Krisha’s wedding. Shekhar says to Mr. Mehra he must go out because Kanchal is waiting for him. He leaves. Shekhar tells Ishaani that Kanchal prepared this Sargi for her, but he doesn’t want her to eat this. She is always stuck between emotions and duties, if she ever have to fast for him she will do it in front of everyone. Ishaani says thanks to Shekhar that today he has taught her how to fulfil the requirements of a relation. He takes Sargi from her, he says he can see she has a lot of questions about her life; and then she must ask this from her own heart. He says her heart is decided, she isn’t telling him only. Ishaani says that whatever ever happened in her life was decided by fate, but today she wants to decide about her life. Shekhar says that then she should do what her heart really says, and leaves saying there is no friendship and no sorry.

Chaitali was crying, she says to Ritesh that he married her only for this. She thought about living in a sea facing apartment but is sitting here facing a temple. She complained that even Sharman went to jail as well. Ishaani comes to temple and watches them, she questions what this is all happening. Chaitali tells Ishaani everything. Ishaani asks Ritesh why they didn’t tell anything to her. Ritesh asks Pratik to take Chaitali to a wish-fulfilling tree and nods at him.

Parul comes to the office and asks RV what he is doing in the office today. Shekhar comes there, RV was already frustrated and tells her he doesn’t know what to do today. And she must not discuss house matters in the office. Shekhar thinks this isn’t right, RV must not stay in the office, and else Ishaani won’t be able to fulfil her mission. He comes inside, RV was discussing their partnership with her. Shekhar says to RV that he has been stuck in his life only because of RV. RV promised him to bring Ishaani’s memory back but he has been helpless. RV complains to Shekhar that his life has become a drama, his wife who didn’t love her left her, then she has come back into his life. Shekhar says that he understands because even he is in the same condition. His mother is getting restless but the girl who was going to marry him doesn’t recognize him. He says that he always thought that RV would help her, but he only doubted her on pretending about her memory loss. RV gets offensive saying this isn’t true, he doubted her in the beginning but when he realized that he loves her even today… he couldn’t complete his sentence.

Ishaani complains to Ritesh, Ritesh says that she has been fighting Ritika already and Ritika knows Ishaani’s secret. Before she unveils Ritika’s truth, Ritika will try to push Ishaani out of the house. And for this she sent her family out of the home, gave a wrong address to them and now sent Sharman jail by sending the police. Ishaani was angry and says she will just tell Ranveer about Ritika’s truth. Ritesh says that this is what Ritika wants. She wants Ishaani to do a little mistake so that she can win. Ishaani cries that she is so helpless, her brother is in jail because of her and her uncle and aunt on road. Ritesh says that Ishaani doesn’t has to lose hope, she is her father’s daughter who has always been courageous. Ishaani says she won’t be able to do this, she came to pray to God for strength to win this fight. She says that God showed her the truth that her family is her weakness, we can fight against wrong but it isn’t necessary we always win against them. Ritesh says if we don’t lose hope we will never lose. He takes her into the temple and says she has to fight this war, and win. God has called her here to show her that those who gave her this pain she must not leave them. She has to take revenge of her mother as well, if her strength ever is weakened, she must think about her mother’s face. This isn’t important they stay with her but Ritika stays away from Ranveer is important. He keeps her hand on his head and says she has to fight this. Ishaani nods. Ritesh puts a tilak on Ishaani’s forehead. He says that God is a symbol of strength. Ishaani says she will fight and will win as well, she promises in front of Maa Durga that she won’t sit until she sends Ritika out of Ranveer’s life.

PRECAP: Ishaani’s saree catches fire without her knowing about it. She turns to Ritika and says that she will send Ritika out of Ranveer’s life at any cost. Ranveer comes from behind and shouts Ishaani’s name.

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 13th August 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 13th August 2015 Written Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 13th August 2015 Written Update

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