Badi Devrani 12th August 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani 12th August 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani 12th August 2015 Written Update:

The episode starts with Kaajal and Nijunj hearing sound in kitchen and going to check. They see Reeti picking food and Kajal taunts if she needed food, she would have informed her. Reeti says she had food and is taking it for Vibhor. Kajal tells Nikunj to wait and watch what she will do now.

Reeti keeps food on Vibhor’s bed and reminisces him insulting her often. She also reminisces chaachi’s words. Vibhor comes and asks her how dare she is to enter his room and asks her to take plate and get out of his room. Reeti says Anchal told he did not have even lunch. He says it is none of her business and why does she come back even after getting insulted often. They hear kajal shouting in pain and runs out.

Kajal starts acting as having severe pain. Whole family gathers. Vibhor and kajal take her to her bed. Bilashi asks what was she doing on stairs. She says she heard sound from kitchen, so she went down and saw Reeti taking food for Vibhor. Bilashi taunts that they act as enemies outside and lovers inside. Vibhor says they should take her to hospital as she may have fractured her back. Kajal says she will not go to hospital. Nikunj says kajal’s mom knows to correct bone pain and instead of spending 25-30,000 rs, they should call her here. Bilashi asks him to call her in the mornin.

In the morning, Bilashi sees Kajal’s mother Bhairavi spreading smoke all over house and thinks he wanted to save money, but this lady will make him spend. All family members gather. Bhairavi starts her drama and says kajal fell due to negative energy in house. Bilashi asks if they all will fall down. Bhairavi says yes and asks who is this lady, pointing at Reeti. Daadi says she is Vibhor’s wife. Bhairavi says she should apologize Bhairavi. Reeti asks what does she mean. She says Kajal fell due to her negative energy. Bilashi thinks he got now Bhairavi to torture Biyani’s daughter. She asks kaajal to burn 1/2 kg chillies and apply its powder on Kajal’s back. Daadi says reeti may not tolerate chill fumes. Bhairavi taunts that she did not know her bahus are so weak and says she will burn chillies now.

Bilashi orders Kajal to obey Bhairavi and shouts. Daadi asks him to shut up. Bilashi asks Kaushalya to tell other bahu to burn chilli and bring its powder, else she will have to do that. Reeti says she will do it and goes to kitchen. Kajal starts acting again.

Chachi enters kitchen and asks Reeti to stay away from Bhairavi as she knows black magic and will try to harm her. Reeti continues burning chillies.

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Badi Devrani 12th August 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani 12th August 2015 Written Update

Badi Devrani

12 August 2015

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Badi Devrani 12th August 2015 Written Update

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