Tu Mera Hero 11th August 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero 11th August 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero 11th August 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Rekha scolding Vaishaili. They all laugh. Vaishaili says she has to go for working as assistant, she got the press keys, its big work. Rekha says so you decided everything alone and did not ask me, I mean you did not ask Govind. Vaishaili says she did not say yes, its respectable work, her job timings are day shift, please agree. Titu winks Govind and says yes, newspaper, its big thing. He asks Vaishaili to join, dad has no problem.

Govind thinks whats cooking in Titu’s mind and says yes, do the job. Vaishaili thanks him. Rekha asks Mukund to find some work, else sing bhajan in her bhajan mandli. Mukund says we will try this. They all laugh. Titu says he will look good and jokes on him. Its night, Govind says no, we will be caught. Titu says no, Lord has shown the way. Govind says stealing is not good. Surekha says we did so many things, no one knew. Panchi says even I did many.

Govind asks whom did they fool till now. They say you…. He looks on and says leave all that, tell me how will you get office keys from Vaishaili, will she give it? Golu comes to them and says work is over, he has got keys impression. Govind asks how. Golu says its easy, when Vaishaili went bathroom, I got the key impression, I have practice, I have stolen things from your cupboard with Surekha and Titu. Govind asks what. Surekha says leave it, you go. Govind says Lord, what a family I got, sorry Bau ji.

Bhagwati and Keshav take care of Sundar. She says case date is coming close. He says I have thought of something, he will talk to Mukund. She says he will not help us, we faced troubled because of him and Vaishaili. He says I have hurt you before, but I m not wrong this time, I trust Mukund, he will help us. Govind, Titu and Panchi come to newspaper office. They stop seeing the guards. Titu says we have to call them out. Panchi asks how. Govind makes some sounds of dogs and cats. Panchi and Titu see him. The guard goes out to see. Titu and Panchi praise Govind’s talent.

Titu catches the guard and makes him unconscious. Panchi says one more guard is there. Titu asks Govind to act now. Govind says don’t worry. Govind gets dressed as the guard and talks to the other guard. Govind makes him busy and signs Titu and Panchi to go. They get inside the office. Titu and Panchi work on the laptop and attach pendrive. Panchi says done. Titu dances. She says dance later, come fast. They come out and see Govind getting drunk. Titu and Panchi laugh seeing Govind’s good acting.

Govind comes home and is drunk. Surekha looks at him and asks did he drink bhaang. He shows Hema’s pics and smiles. He falls on the bed and sleeps. Its morning, Titu and everyone wait for the newspaper. Vaishaili says she is leaving for office. Mukund wishes her good luck. Rekha asks him did he pack tiffin for the baby. Mukund says I m your son, you beat me with slipper, I m finding the job. Titu and Panchi laugh. Rekha says she will leave her till the door. Vaishaili leaves.

Govind comes holding his head. He asks for tea. Surekha argues with him. Rekha gets the paper and says how can this happen. They see article about return of Mehmood. Titu and Panchi smile.

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Tu Mera Hero 11th August 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero 11th August 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero

11 August 2015

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Tu Mera Hero 11th August 2015 Written Update

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