Sarojini 6th August 2015 Written Update

Sarojini 6th August 2015 Written Update:

The episode starts with Maama walking out of house to confront Soumendra. Soumendra is seen coming towards home to apologize Sarojini. Maami stops Maama and asks him to control his anger and get back in. Soumendra’s friend stops him and says it is not right time to apologize Sarojini. Soumendra says he is right and he will apologize Sarojini in school personally. Maama gets back home and tells he was overreacting and asks Mayank to find out where Soumendra stays. Mayank says he will find out and even punish Soumendra.

Dushyanth calls his family ladies and asks what did they prepare in 3 days. Nirjhara gives him account. He asks then why doctor was telling daadaji ate sumptuous dinner. Daadi says doctor was lying as they did not have anything special at all to serve. Dushyanth asks them to go and says he will find out what happened in kitchen and if he finds any mistake, he will not spare all 3 of them.

At night, Dushyanth calls Nirjhara and shouts at her to serve dinner. She says there is no grocery at all. He says he gave grocery for 4 days and how can she finish it in 3 days, he does not know anything and just needs food. She says she has only ata/flour and no vegetables. He asks her to prepare rotis and serve salt/chilli/onion. She leaves to prepare rotis.

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Sarojini 6th August 2015 Written Update


6 August 2015

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Sarojini 6th August 2015 Written Update


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