Udaan 31st July 2015 Written Update

Udaan 31st July 2015 Written Update

Udaan 31st July 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Chakor calling out Kasturi…….. Kasturi hears her voice and runs outside the house, saying Chakor was with her, she has run out. Bhuvan and Imli stop her and say she is not here. The lady says she did not see Chakor. Kasturi does not believe. Bhuvan says our Chakor has died, and cries. Kasturi cries and he takes her home. Chakor talks to a man and he laughs. She goes to get the umbrella and sees its broken. She sees a small tent and smiles. A car hits Chakor and she falls down. Munna comes there and sees Chakor. He gets stunned and runs to her.

The guy is drunk and asks Chakor to get up, why did she come to die infront of his car. He sees the goons coming and thinks they will beat him. He takes Chakor in his car and leaves. Munna misses Chakor again. The guy stops the car and says his car has hurt the girl, so he is doing all this to save the girl. He drinks wine.

Chakor wakes up and asks who is he. He says you are alive, it means I did not take anyone’s life, thanks Lord. He kisses the car and gets glad. He asks Chakor did she get any wound and makes her sit well. She says she did not get hurt, she is fine, she is not dead, she is alive, but who is he. He asks her why did she come under his car to die. She says I did not come to die, I was hungry and I slipped on the road. He laughs on her language. The beggar tells Babu that the kid is unwell, they have to take him to hospital, else he will die. Babu asks Munna to get Chakor soon. Manohar says all your men are useless, and gets drunk. He says now Babu can’t get Chakor, he lost that thing in him, he is also useless. Babu gets angry and shoots the ill kid in anger.

The guy talks to Chakor. He eats some snacks and likes it. She asks can she sleep in the car, as its going to rain. He asks her to sleep, whats the big deal. She gets glad and asks really. He says yes, you are good in dealing, so I give her permission to sleep in the car. Chakor looks at his phone. She asks her to take it and play game. She says she had to call. He gives her the phone. She says Arjun is not taking call. He asks her to call any friend. She smiles.

Bhaiya ji drags Bhagya at home and scolds her. Bhagya says dad, please. He says I m not your dad, you will always be my bandhua. Vivaan looks on. The phone rings and Vivaan takes the call. Bhaiya ji takes receiver from his hand and talks. Chakor gets shocked hearing him.


Chakor asks the guy to make her reach Lucknow. He says fine, I will take you by plane. She is glad and smiles.

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Udaan 31st July 2015 Written Update

Udaan 31st July 2015 Written Update


31 July 2015

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Udaan 31st July 2015 Written Update

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