Swaragini 30th July 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 30th July 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 30th July 2015 Written Update:

Sumi stares Swara and tells that she couldn’t believe that she has grown up. Swara asks her not to cry else she will also cry. Evil Ragini comes and says a bride has to cry according to the custom. She then says no one will cry, and then says I will make you cry, laughs. Sumi says you both are mad. Dadi asks Ragini to go to temple and come back. Ragini says Swara has to go and tells about their ancient custom. Dadi asks Ragini to go with Swara. Ragini tells Sumi that they are going and asks to do the arrangements. Sumi asks Swara to take care and come back soon. Swara hugs Dadi and goes.

Ragini and Swara reach the temple. Ragini asks her to take flowers from the shop and do the puja. She even takes her phone and looks on evilly. Psycho Ragini stares Swara. Swara takes the puja ingredients and goes inside the temple to do the temple. The pandit ji asks her to drop the things in the river to complete the puja. Ragini hides seeing Swara going towards the river. Swara looks for Ragini and thinks to complete her puja first. She spots Ragini near the river on the bridge and asks why did you come here?

Ragini says I knew that you would come here, so I came here. She tells this life is strange. just have a look at this river, it is flowing peacefully and don’t know what it is taking with it. Swara says there is nothing in our control. Ragini says you shaped your life according to your wish. She says you have changed my life, with whom I was about to marry. Laksh is my first and last love, and you have snatched my destiny. She says I don’t have any authority on my life. Swara is shocked.

Ragini asks her to look at the flower in the river and says it is me, who is flowing without any direction. Swara says if you are against my marriage with Laksh, then I would have not agreed for this marriage. Ragini asks if she will refuse for the wedding. Swara says ofcourse, and says but you will never be able to live happily. She says she hide her feelings from everyone. She says Sanskar accepted his crime infront of you naa and says she was with him in the conspiracy. She says her life was good long before, but everything is complicated and she can’t change anything. She says she has decided to forget everything and make a new beginning.

Swara asks what you are saying? Ragini tells that she will die without Laksh, and says she doesn’t have any option left than this. She pushes Swara in the river, apologizing her repeatedly. Mad Ragini should kill herself. Swara gets drowned in the river and is flowed away with the running water. Evil Ragini shakes crocodile tears and apologizes asking her to forgive her. She says she don’t have any other option and looks at the poison bottle. She throws the flowers in the river and runs from there. She throws the plate somewhere and runs.

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Swaragini 30th July 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 30th July 2015 Written Update


30 July 2015

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Swaragini 30th July 2015 Written Update

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