Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 29 July 2015 Written Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 29 July 2015 Written Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 29 July 2015 Written Episode:

Ishaani speaks to Ranveer if he will be with her if someone must have misbehaved with her mother, will he be with her. Ranveer asks who will misbehave with her. Ishaani remembers her last sight of her mother’s dead body, she says to Ranveer that when she thinks about her mother she is always worried that she couldnt do anything for her. Ranveer asks what does this mean. Ishaani says that she is really worried, they have a big family and still her mother is living in a small house. Ranveer asks her to take rest, but Ishaani says that next time she will meet her mother she will ask her what happened that she went so away from them. She asks him if he will get justice for her. Ranveer promises to get her back home and get justice for her as well. he gives Ishaani the medicine. Ritika heard this all, Ishaani knew this.

Ranveer makes Ishaani lay on the bed, sits with her and tells her to sleep. He thinks he doesnt know until when he will have to agree on all her sayings, but he will help her bring her memory back.

In her room, Ritika is worried and afraid what if Falguni has come to take revenge. She hears a voice, it was from Chaitali who was calling Falguni as Bhabs. she asks her to come here Bhabs. Ritika gets fearful, she comes downstairs and finds Chaitali with a broom calling Bhabs. Pratik gets worried saying what Chaitali is doing here, she will ruin his plan. Ritika asks Chaitali what she is doing. Chaitali says she is doing black magic, Ishaani met Falguni and she also saw her in the market because Falguni had an unnatural death. She tells Ritika that tonight all the souls come for night walks, Pratik jumps in asking what is she doing as there is nothing like the deads. Chaitali says she has seen her, Ritika asks if she is sure it was Falguni. Chaitali says for sure. Pratik tells Chaitali why is she making Ritika fearful. Chaitali says today they must capture Falguni tonight, else she might get into her body as well, as she is pregnant and is sensitive. Ritika was really fearful, Pratik also repeats Chaitali’s words then tells Ritika to get to her room and sleep. Ritika was really afraid. Pratik watches her move towards her room and is elated to see her.

In her room, Ritika gets to hre bed when suddenly her window is openedl. Ritika gets out of her bed immediately, holds a vase asking who is there. She wonders who opened the window, then concludes it must be wind. She shuts it back, murmuring Aaltu Jalaltu… She gets in her bed. Next morning, Ritika wakes up with the vase in hand and says there is nothing like ghosts. She says today is her day and she won’t let Ishaani win her, she tells herself to calm down and gets out of the bed. Her phone rings, it was a Private Number. It was a lady… infact a man made to call Ritika with a script. The voice asks Ritika if she didnt recognize her, Ritika asks Falguni? The voice says she has come back for her only, if she wonders if she is alive or is talking to a ghost. Ritika is fearful again. The voice says if she doesnt believe in ghosts, she will now begin to do this when she will take a revenge from her. We, the deads come to take revenge from you people and no one will be able to do anything about it. Even the police won’t be able to ruin anything about her when finding Ritika Javeri as dead.

Ishaani and Pratik are happy with the recording, Ishaani takes the cell phone and texts Ritika. There Ritika says she is sure there is something wrong, this can’t be true. Ishaani texts her that she has the proof against her and will reveal in front of everyone.

Ishaani tells Pratik about the plan, RV comes calling her. RV asks what she is doing here, Ishaani says she went to water the plants. RV says she needs to rest, she could ask servants.Doctors have told her to take rest. Ishaani says he listens to doctors, he must also listen to her and let her do waht she wants to. He says she can do what she wants to, but she must not stress herself and take rest. He bids her bye as he was leaving for office.

Ritesh is shocked to see a solution for weight loss, the sales girl tries to convince him that she is slim only because of this solution. Ritesh walks around her looking at her, Chaitali comes asking what he is doing. Ritesh says she is like her sister, the girl came to sell this weight reducing solution. Chaitali says she already lost alot of weight, she doesnt need it. The sales girl tries to convince her then Ritesh, Chaitali asks what urge she has got to make her husband slim and deters her. Ritesh stops Chaitali and says he doesnt need this, he goes to drop her to door. Chaitali is worried if Ritesh is thinking about leaving her, she thinks about preparing her special kara.

Ritika was walking in the corridor, thinking if this is really the ghost of Falguni or someone playing game with her who knows she pushed Falguni from the terrace. She looks downstairs to find Falguni standing with Pratik.

PRECAP: Ranveer asks for a truth she never told anyone. Ritika heard this. Ishaani says there is a truth she didnt tell anyone, except him.


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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 29 July 2015 Written Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 29 July 2015 Written Episode

Colors TV Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai

29 July 2015

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 29 July 2015 Written Episode

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