Veera 28th July 2015 Written Update

Veera 28th July 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with a man talking to Gunjan and Ranvi. He asks them to return the money he invested, as they have lost the fields. He says he needs 20 lakhs and he will come whenever Ranvi tells him. Ranvi says tomorrow and they get shocked. The man blesses him and says I knew you will not let me down, and goes. Gunjan asks how will we get money so soon. Balwant says I m worried for Ranvi, he has fallen in big trouble. Veera says we have to find out who did this. Veera says how will she find it, there is no proof. Balwant says but we have to do something.

Baldev says I m sarpanch, if we don’t find it, people will not trust panchayat, who can do this. He asks Veera does she doubt on anyone. She calls the kerosene box at Diwakar’s home. Baldev gets a call and is shocked. He says Ranvi is keeping his home mortgaged. Manjeet thinks what is Dilawar trying to do. She calls him and its busy. She worries that he can do anything wrong, if he does any mistake…

Ranvi makes the mortgage papers. Everyone rush to him, and Balwant asks why did he do this, can’t he take help from him, it means I did not succeed to become your dad. Baldev says we will give money, don’t mortgage home. He asks why did Gunjan not tell him. She says Ranvi asked me not to tell anyone. Ranvi signs on the papers and keeps home mortgaged. Gunjan cries as no one knows she has given the lands to Dilawar. Ranvi tells Veera that he can’t take lands back from Gunjan, as its gift from Ratan to her. Veera says you could keep it at Balwant, it would be in home. He says I can’t take, its about relations, and Ratan said money should not come in relations, it brings bitterness. He says he has done all this keeping everything in mind.

Manjeet comes to meet Geet and Deepu. She sends Deepu and talks to Geet. She taunts her and leaves. The men gives Ranvi’s land docs to Dilawar and both of them work for Dilwar. He pays them money and says now Ranvi is my slave, Ratan has troubled me a lot, and now its my turn.

Bansuri is worried for Gunjan and talks to Veera. She says she is worried for Gunjan, why did she let Ranvi keep home mortgaged, what will happen now, she will come on road. Veera says you should be proud that Ranvi did not take money from anyone, you can’t talk about Ranvi like this. They argue and Baldev comes asking what happened. Bansuri complains about Veera and Ranvi. Veera leaves angrily.

Veera sits thinking and worries. Baldev comes and asks her not to misbehave with Bansuri. He defends Bansuri and says its not her mistake. She says let it be, if we talk more, things will get worse. Gunjan talks to Ranvi and he asks her not to think anything wrong again. She goes to check at the door and sees Geet, Deepu and Dilawar, with their bags. Ranvi and Gunjan get shocked seeing them. Deepu hugs Ranvi. Dilawar says we have come to our house, we will stay here now. They all get shocked.


Gunjan asks Dilawar why is he treating Geet badly, she will tell Baldev. Dilawar blackmails her and pushes her on the floor.

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Veera 28th July 2015 Written Update

Veera 28th July 2015 Written Update

Star Plus Veera

28 July 2015

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Veera 28th July 2015 Written Update


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