Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 July 2015 Written Update Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 July 2015 Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 July 2015 Written Episode:

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The Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman about the harmful gas toys, so maybe Simmi asked Neelu to keep it. Raman says I was mistaken. Ishita takes her and Raman’s pics with the tu. They laugh. yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays………….. Mihir comes home and Rinki makes him have sweets, as Romi’s baby has come home. She says he can meet anytime, and asks about meeting. He says it was waste of time. She asks about offer, was it not good. He says he understands what she is doing, he will not work anywhere, Raman and he has made the company, they are proud. Rinki says its Raman’s company, you work under him. He says who has put negative thoughts against Raman, he has managed all her finances, I m here because of Raman, I love my job and I won’t leave it, I don’t want any discussion.

He says he won’t tell Raman, else Raman will be hurt, I respect Raman and Ishita a lot, please have some peace in my house. She fumes that Mihir is obsessed with Raman and Ishita. Vandu sits doing online shopping, and Ishita manages the baby. They have a laugh while shopping. Vandu says she can’t use Shravan’s baby clothes, she can’t use it for the girl, so Romi and Sarika’s baby can use it, but Sarika will feel I gave old clothes. Ishita says no, it will be lucky and she won’t feel bad. Ishita leaves.

Ishita comes to Sarika and gives the clothes, and says Vandu has sent it, its Shravan and Adi’s clothes, its regarded shagun, I know it will be awkward for you to settle here, you can tell me and Simmi anything. She asks her to take rest and leaves. Sarika smiles seeing the clothes, and thinks did Ishita gave this old clothes purposely, to show Romi does not earn well. She gets sad.

Bala and Vandu have a talk about his work. He says he has buy 20 computers, and he can buy it from Romi, he can ask Romi for 6 months credit. She says I think you should avoid this, I have solid reason, I will talk to Ishita once. Raman comes home and Ishita says she called him for some work, she has spoken to interior designer and says about giving big bedroom to Romi and Sarika, as they have a baby. Raman reminds that they also have a plan a baby. She says we will see when our baby comes, you can buy a new flat for him, and laughs. He hugs her. She goes to get tea. Sarika hears Ishita ordering new clothes for Vandu’s baby and giving old clothes to her.

Vandu talks to Ishita about Bala’s thought to buy computers from Romi. Ishita says it will burden Romi, Bala should buy it from someone else. Sarika gets shocked and cries. She goes to tell Romi, and tells him everything. She says she heard Ishita saying Bala should not give computers order to Romi, I heard it myself and she gave me old clothes for baby, saying its good for baby, I know she is good person, but does Raman and Ishita want to control our life, I don’t want our son to live a life like mine. She cries and hugs him. Romi says they can’t do this with us, Ishita is so nice, maybe you heard wrong, and old clothes are good for new born, don’t over think. He gets a call and leaves.

Vandu scolds Shravan and asks him to do homework. He says he has to play with baby, and goes to complain to Bala. Bala comes home and scolds someone on phone regarding work. The guard asks him to park car straight. Bala says I will just come. He comes home and brings baby food and medicines. Vandu asks him to take care of baby, she is tired. He says he is also tired, and she argues. She says just Mihika helps me, and you are showing me attitude. She argues and he leaves. She says all mean are same, Ishita is right. Ishita takes care of Romi’s baby. Neelu says Sarika went to get diapers.

Raman takes the baby. He calms the baby and says he will send the baby for studies abroad and make him responsible, unlike Romi. She says she is proud of him, that he has a big heart. Ruhi comes to play with baby. Raman says another baby can come soon. Ishita smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……….

Romi comes to his friend and he gets to know about Bala ordering 20 computers. Romi gets shocked. He thinks Sarika was saying right, why is Ishita doing this.

Raman and Romi fight. Romi misbehaves with Mihir, and insults him. Raman rages. Mihir gets sad…

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