Veera 23rd July 2015 Written Update

Veera 23rd July 2015 Written Update

Veera 23rd July 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Gunjan telling Dilawar that she will name all the fields on his name, he can save her. He says you joke well. She says I m serious, stay here, I will just come. He gets glad. She brings the papers and signs on it. She says she has written this on stamp paper. He says fine, I will marry Geet, I can earn a living by the fields, Ratan did many favors on me, so I want to help you for her sake. She thanks him, and asks him not to tell anyone. He says he will leave. She asks if Geet refuses. He says he will manage everything. He leaves. Gunjan talks to Ratan and cries, saying she has to give fields to save her family.

Baldev sits sad somewhere and says he is sarpanch, but his family does not listen to him. Veera calls him and he ends the call. She cries and says Balwant understands me, but Baldev does not, I need to do something, else everything will be ruined, please Lord show me some way. Baldev drinks. Veera asks Balwant to come for dinner. Bansuri taunts Veera. Balwant says he will call Baldev. Geet cries. Baldev comes home drunk and says no one listens to him. Balwant scolds him for not being in senses, why did he get drunk to show that they are torturing him. Bansuri defends Baldev and scold Veera. He says he could not keep Gunjan happy. Bansuri takes him to room.

Dilawar calls Manjeet and gives the good news that Gunjan is trapped. She smiles and asks him to have sweets. Baldev tells Bansuri that he could not help Gunjan, he is a stain on brother’s name. Bansuri says no, its Ranvi and Veera’s mistake. Veera thinks to explain Baldev. Bansuri tells him that Ranvi and Veera did all this and have put blame on Gunjan, I will not forgive them, you also don’t forgive. Veera hears this and says enough Biji, you are saying right.

She defends herself and Ranvi, and asks her why does she want to break her children’s home. Baldev says stop it, you can’t talk to my mum like this. Veera says she is saying wrong. He says I know everything, you are talking to Biji with disrespect, apologize to her….. She cries. She says she did not say anything wrong, and will not apologize. He shouts on her asking her to apologize. She leaves. Bansuri says see she did not mend, I m her mum in law, don’t worry about Gunjan, she was angry and will forgive you.

Manjeet comes to Baldev and says if you want to win Gunjan’s love and trust and prove to be good brother, then decide something and everyone has to agree as you are sarpanch. He sleeps. She smiles. Ranvi makes food and thinks to keep trying to please Gunjan. She sees the food. He says he has made her fav food to keep her happy. She says she is not hungry and goes. He gets sad. He goes to her and asks her to have food, he has made it with love. She asks for some time, as she will not melt if he makes food.

Dilawar comes to meet Baldev. He says he wants to tell something, if Veera permits him, as she decides everything. Baldev says I will decide, tell me whats the matter. Dilawar says he has to marry Geet. Baldev is shocked and asks do you want to marry her knowing everything. Dilawar says yes, you have done many favors on me, I m in guilt that my man has killed Ratan, so I want to help. Baldev says if you run from mandap I will kill you, are you sure. Dilawar says yes, just tell me the date. Baldev says today, I will get Geet at the godown and make you marry her.


Geet is kidnapped and says she knows Baldev is here. She looks at him.

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Veera 23rd July 2015 Written Update

Veera 23rd July 2015 Written Update


23 July 2015

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Veera 23rd July 2015 Written Update

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