Sarojini 22nd July 2015 Written Update

Sarojini 22nd July 2015 Written Update:

The episode starts with Suminder hoding Sorijini’s hand in middle of road. Mayank comes and asks him to leave his hand. Suminder challenges him to free himself, else get 100 slippers on his head. Mayank gets afraid and stands silenty. Suminder says he is a waste body and coward and will not dare to confront him. He leaves sarojini’s hand and tells he will be behind her from hereon and whoever confronts him will not be spared. Once he leaves, Mayank starts boastign that he wanted to slap goonda, but stopped thinking he may be having weapons. Sarojini tries to call police, but he stops and says tomorrow is her practical exam and she will be in troube.

Sarojini reaches home and helps her maami/aunty in kitchen. Maami asks how was her date with Mayank. Sarojini tells she does not like him. Maami starts yelling that mayank is her future now and if she opposes, she will be kicked out of house and will be left helpless like other orphans.

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Sarojini 22nd July 2015 Written Update


22nd July 2015

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Sarojini 22nd July 2015 Written Update


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