Veera 17th July 2015 Written Update

Veera 17th July 2015 Written Update

Veera 17th July 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Rahul hearing Geet’s songs and liking it. He says when he sings, everyone disappear, and asks her to continue in London too. He asks how did this start. She sats Veera heard me singing bhajan and lullaby, and took me to Ranvi, he has taught me a lot, he is my Guru, and did much favor on me. He says great, Deepu regards Ranvi a superhero. She says yes, Deepu likes Ranvi. He says I hope she likes me. She says Deepu wants love, if she gets love from you, she will like you. He says I will love Deepu a lot, as she is going to b my daughter, can I take her out to spend time. She nods.

Ranvi and Gunjan are shopping for their remarriage. Rahul brings Deepu in market and makes her have many icecreams. Ranvi sees Deepu and says I will meet her. Gunjan stops him, and asks him to let Deepu like her dad, Geet and Deepu will have a bright future. Ranvi says fine, and starts leaving. Deepu sees him and runs to him. She falls down and Rahul and Ranvi run to her. Deepu gets hurt. Ranvi asks for any doctor. Rahul asks Ranvi is she fine, she has seen you and started running. Ranvi says I will take her home, and leaves in hurry. Rahul and Gunjan look on.

Geet cries and Ranvi says nothing will happen to Deepu. Manjeet says what happened to her, is this the way Rahul took care of her. Geet asks Ranvi to save Deepu. Rahul brings the doctor. The doctor checks Deepu and does the aid to her wound. Geet cries and Ranvi consoles her. Rahul looks at them. Deepu wakes up. Ranvi talks to her. Gunjan looks on and thinks why is Ranvi still with Deepu, does he just care for Deepu or… Geet thanks Ranvi and he says no work is imp than Deepu. Gunjan hears this and cries recalling his words. Manjeet sees Gunjan leaving and smiles.

Baldev and Dilalwar come home, and see Geet crying. Baldev asks why did doctor come and why is Geet sad. Manjeet says doctor came to see Deepu, she fell on road and got wounded. Baldev goes to see Deepu. Dilawar asks Manjeet to do her work. He bumps into Geet and tea falls on him. Geet gives him water. He asks her not to worry, he has come to know about Deepu’s accident, forget it, and you are also careless, why did you send her alone with Rahul, he is not Ranvi to take care of Deepu. Baldev comes to his room and sees Gunjan crying. She says Ranvi is again with Geet. He asks is she thinking this at this time. She argues.

Manjeet stops Rahul and fills his ears against Ranvi, Geet and Deepu. Rahul looks at them. Baldev explains Gunjan that Ranvi loves Deepu a lot, he is trying to be away from her. Gunjan argues and says Geet should explain Deepu, else Deepu will never go leaving Ranvi. Manjeet says Geet is pure, but everyone here feel that she has affair with Ranvi. Rahul asks what. Manjeet says this is not right, Gunjan thinks so. She says everyone wants to get Geet married as Gunjan is doubting Ranvi. She says Ranvi loves Deepu a lot, do you think Geet has anything in her heart.

Gunjan says Rahul and Geet’s proposal will break if Deepu does not want to go, and then everyone will support Ranvi. Manjeet tells Rahul that Geet and Ranvi went to Ludhiana and then he came here in drunken state, when we all were not at home. She smiles and fills his ears. Baldev explains Gunjan to understand. She argues and asks him to say if he can support her. He says everything is fine now. She says Geet is after Ranvi, I have seen that just Ranvi can manage them, and then there will be just them together, Ranvi and Geet will come together because of Deepu, you will see when Veera shows you.


Baldev talks to Veera and asks her to get Rahul and Geet married. She says this will be done. He says if this does not happen, Gunjan will break and I can’t bear this, I will not forgive anyone if Gunjan cries.

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Veera 17th July 2015 Written Update

Veera 17th July 2015 Written Update


17 July 2015

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Veera 17th July 2015 Written Update

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