Maharana Pratap 15th July 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 15th July 2015 Written Update:

Jaimal’s wife is going to him with sindhoor in thaal. Patta’s mother sees her and asks why no sindhoor in her forehead. She says she will make Jaimal put the who knows if she will get a chance after tomorrow. She starts walking and Ajabdee comes from nowhere and clashes with her. Thaal falls and sindhoor spreads out. Ajabdee apologizes to her saying she didn’t see her and she feels very bad. Jaimal’s wife says, it’s not her fault. The God tells you one way or another what’s going to happen tomorrow. All get very sad.

One of the soldiers tells his son that they will play hide and seek. He may hear noises from outside, but he has to stay hidden inside his house until he asks him to come out, else they will catch him and he will lose. His son says no one ever beat him in hide and seek. His father says, this will go on for long time. It’s not an usual game and he will have to win. His son promises him that he will win this game. They hug.

There’s an announcement to invite everyone for Chittor’s last dawat or get together.

Pratap tells everyone they will enjoy last dawat together. They are so lucky that they know how much time they have left and they can decide what they can do in that time. Before going to other world, they are using this time to meet each other and thank them.

Before dinner, they all pray together. Pratap and Ajabdee ask for strength to overcome the tomorrow’s outcome.

Patta has called Rajputs to tell them his plan for stopping Pratap.

Ajabdee gives a sword to Pratap. Pratap asks where are the Rajput warriors. Patta and gang come there. Pratap asks Patta won’t he hug him for one last time? They hug. He tells him he’s proud of him. He just married and still.. Patta interrupts and says he married for 7 births and is giving only 1 birth to motherland. Other 6 births he will happily spend with his wife. This birth will only be for motherland. Pratap says he’s proud of him. Pratap then goes to Jaimal and thank him for all the support that he and his wife provided. They hug. Jaimal says this is his motherland and it’s his duty to help all possible ways he can. He will keep sacrificing his life till they don’t send Mughals back to their country. Pratap says so true. He goes to Rawat now. He bends to touch his legs, but Rawat stops him. Pratap folds his hands and says what to tell him, it’s him who taught him everything. He asks him for the blessings. Rawat gives him the blessings. They hug. He meets the rest and hugs them. All chant for Pratap.

Pratap says they all know what’s going to happen tomorrow. He’s glad that he spent his life among brave warriors. They all taught him a lot. He hopes to have his next birth like this only. They all proceed to have their dinner.

Pratap feels the air and is very happy. He tells all to start. He doesn’t see Patta and asks where he is.

Patta comes to Ajabdee. She says she’s thankful to the God for getting him as a brother. He says, and as a brother, he will protect her wholehearted. He promised her this in all Rakshabandhan. And even today, he will protect her and her husband. It’s possible that he will have to face hatred from his best friend, but asks her to forgive him if possible. Ajabdee is confused. She asks what he’s going to do. He leaves without saying anything.

He comes outside and joins everyone. Pratap asks so he met his sister? He says yes and seeing her smile, now he can happily give up his life in war. Pratap asks him to sit. They being eating. Pratap says this is for their self respect and independence.

Patta is lost. Pratap asks him to eat. All Rajputs are looking at Pratap as he drinks water. Other hand, ladies look at Ajabdee as she drinks water. All finish eating. Pratap says food was very delicious. They get up. Rajputs seem lost and quiet. Pratap asks what happened. Suddenly he starts feeling dizzy. Other hand, same happens to Ajabdee. Pratap tells Rajputs that this is not done. All apologize to him. Pratap and Ajabdee fall asleep.

Precap: Jaimal says to take Pratap and Ajabdee to Rana. All ladies make a fire and say it’s time to sacrifice. They say they are ready and start jumping in the fire!

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Maharana Pratap 15th July 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 15th July 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap

15 July 2015

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Maharana Pratap 15th July 2015 Written Update


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