Maharana Pratap 14th July 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 14th July 2015 Written Update:

Patta tells Pratap he doesn’t need to rush and take decision. He can think about it and then decide keeping in mind what other Rajputs said.

Pratap comes to Ajabdee and says he can’t run away like this. All will laugh at him. What has happened to everyone? Ajabdee says they all have respect and love for him and that is why they might be wanting him to leave from here. Even their wives were telling her same to go to Choti Ma. Pratap asks her what’s her opinion. Ajabdee says she has faith in his decision. His decision must be in favor of Rajputs. She will support him always regardless his decision, no matter if she has to do Jauhar with other ladies. Pratap asks what she would do if she was in his place? She says she can’t see separating Pratap from Rajputana. This is the time where he can fight for his motherland. And if enemies enter despite him being there, then he would never be able to forgive himself. And there is Ranaji for Rajputana. Keeping all this in mind, she would fight till her last breathe. Pratap says he’s proud of her having as a wife. They go to tell their final decision to everyone.

All Rajputs are gathered. Pratap tells Patta he asked him to give one name who can take care of the country. This is Rajputana where all live and die for their motherland. To maintain this, he has made a decision that he will not go anywhere. He will stay and protect Chittor. He will fight with everyone. He will accept his Saka. Patta says, but.. Pratap says, enough. That’s his final decision.

Akbar asks how many soldiers martyred. A soldier says 3700. Akbar says what can be the reason for 1000 Rajput soldiers killing their 4000 soldiers? He tells Surajmal that their soldiers are brave, they have fought many big wars and they won too, then what could be the reason that their soldiers become weak against Rajputs?

Other hand, Pratap says he knows Mughals have more soldiers, they have more weapons, but war is not won by number of soldiers. It’s won by daring, power, for which Rajputs are no less. If they weapons, then Rajputs have strength. And another important thing that they have truth with them. He further says they will fight for their motherland whereas Mughals will fight to follow their king’s orders.

Surajmal gives this same reason to Akbar and there is difference in fighting to protect motherland and fighting just to follow king’s orders. Akbar says he can’t lose more soldiers and therefore he needs to take a decision. Tomorrow itself Mughals will win Chittor war.

There, Pratap says tonight is their last night hence they will say goodbye to their close ones, remember their brave fighters, pray to their motherland, after that eat together. And tomorrow right after sunrise, they will meet Mughals at war and show them what Rajputs can do when it comes to their motherland. They chant Har Har Mahadev. Ajabdee emotionally smiles seeing this. Pratap leaves.

Jaimal says Pratap has encouraged them so much that all his strength want to come out. Why Pratap is showing so much eagerness? Pratap is surya of Rajputana. If god forbid anything happens to him, then Mewad’s sun will set for ever. Others agree with him. Patta says they will need to do something to stop Pratap from Saka.

All ladies are sad and emotional, but they still console each other. Jaimal shares emotional conversation with his wife. Other hand, Patta shares emotional conversation with his mother. He massages her legs saying let him take care of her tonight. Who knows if he will get another chance or no. His mother tears her saree and ties it on his hand. She says, her aanchan will save him from all difficulties. They hug. Patta’s wife comes there who looks very emotional. Patta’s mother tells her don’t know if this marriage will prove as sad or happy for her. She leaves. Patta goes to his wife and apologises to her for not giving any happiness of marriage. This marriage seems to have become a curse for her. She covers his mouth and says don’t say like that. Marriage is never a curse and who said he didn’t give her happiness. Every moment that she spent with him, she got happiness for many births. She is proud that she is his wife. She will wait for him in next birth as well. She won’t leave him for 7 births.

Pratap remembers other brave Rajputs and takes inspiration.

Precap: Patta says he has a plan. They mix something in Pratap and Ajabdee’s drink and they soon fall asleep.

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Maharana Pratap 14th July 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 14th July 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap

14 July 2015

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Maharana Pratap 14th July 2015 Written Update


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