Veera 12th July 2015 Written Update

Veera 12th July 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Bansuri asking who is bring these crates. Dilawar comes and says he has got them as Baldev asked him to bring mangoes for you all. Balwant asks Veera to see. Baldev apologizes to her by signing and she goes. Baldev asks Bansuri to eat plenty of mangoes as she wanted, and think its from Ranvi’s side. Deepu sees Dilawar taking a crate and stops him, saying she will tell Baldev. He holds her hand and Geet comes to stop him. He asks her to teach Deepu some manners, not everyone is like Ranvi to bear her. She says she knows what to teach Deepu and goes with her.

Baldev asks Veera to have mangoes. She is busy in work. He starts eating the mango and she looks at him, eating it like a small kid. He asks her to have it and holds her close. The mango get on her cheek. He says its very sweet, and asks her not to be annoyed. She says its difficult to understand him. He asks her not to try, and just know I love you a lot, I can’t see you sad. She hugs him. Mahiya……………..plays………… She says even she does not want to stay annoyed, but he stopped her from meeting Ranvi. He says I know you understand what I said, that’s why you agreed, I don’t have any problem with Ranvi, just support me.

Its morning, Veera goes to Gurudwara and prays for Geet that she gets a good groom. A man enters and prays there, sitting behind her. She turns and starts going. The man sees her and smiles. Veera recalls something and looks at him. He says atlast you identified me. She says she did not dream he will come Pritampura, how are you here. He introduces himself as Rahul, her professor and friend, and says he has come here to support the school founded by Ratan Singh, I wanted to meet her, then came to know she is no more. She cries and says Ratam Singh is my Biji. He says I m so sorry, I did not know. She says its fine.

He says I did not know you stay here, else I would have contacted you, where will I get good coffee here. She says she can get best tea for him, instead coffee and takes him. They go to some tea stall and he asks why did she not go abroad. She says she got married here and she has many works here. He asks what is her husband. She says he is pind’s sarpanch. He says wow, it means you are big shot. They laugh and have a talk. Baldev passes by and stops seeing them. He thinks who is this man. She says you will be happy meeting him. He says I think you love him a lot. She says yes. Baldev comes and holds Veera.

He gets jealous and asks Veera not to worry, he will deal with this guy. Rahul smiles and says don’t worry, she is not my type. Baldev asks what, what do you mean, are you any prince, Veera is world’s best girl. She asks is he saving her or making my relation. Baldev says I m saying you are best. Rahul says Veera, you will be proud of him, and says Baldev I m her professor, she is my student, and I regard all my students as my kids. Baldev asks is he her teacher. Rahul nods and smiles. Veera says he is my Sir, I met him in Gurudwara and I got him here for tea. Baldev smiles. Rahul says he just met his student and is glad. Baldev asks him to come home for food, and asks him to get his family. Rahul says I have come alone. Baldev insists and asks Veera to tell her Sir. They believe guest is Lord, and teacher just came in my house to complain about me, you will be first teacher to have food. They take him home.

Everyone meet Rahul Sodhi, and he compliments Bansuri. He sees Geet and Balwant introduces her. Bansuri says he also looks young and he is a professor. She asks him about his wife and kids, did he not marry. He says no. She asks why, he is good looking. He says I did not get time, I m thinking to marry this time. Baldev says he will be right for Geet. Veera looks at Rahul and Geet. Baldev smiles.


Baldev says Rahul is perfect for Geet. Veera says I know, let me talk. He ties her to the chair. She says leave me, else.. He says I know you will be angry. He goes out.

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Veera 12th July 2015 Written Update

Veera 12th July 2015 Written Update


12 July 2015

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Veera 12th July 2015 Written Update


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