Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2015 Written Update:

Surajmal tells Jaimal to return to his state and live there peacefully even if that means that he will be under Akbar. If you continue to stay here as Pratap’s guest, then you should forget about getting Merta back ever. He will never be able to help you in winning Merta again. jaimal reminds him that they both are Rajputs. The only difference is that I am not saleable. It is impossible to get a friend like Pratap. He is the best warrior. I cannot lose such a friend. Surajmal talks about the citizens of Merta. Jaimal says I will win Merta back from Akbar in the war. Surajmal gives up. How can I help someone who is adamant on committing suicide? Neither you nor your Pratap can save yourself from Mughals. You will run out of all the resources real soon. For how long will you save yourself from Mughals? They will break the walls of the fort pretty soon. Jaimal wouldn’t have minded giving him a proper lesson if he wasn’t a messenger. I know how to treat my guest. I will meet you in the war zone only. You yourself will realise who is of what worth. I know you aren’t a bad person but you are indeed in a bad company. Leave that Mughal and join hands with us. Show that coward Mughals what Rajputs are capable of! Dying for your motherland is much more peaceful than siding with someone for money. Join hands with us. We will fight against those cowards together. Surajmal leaves from there.

The courtesans are discussing the situation. They go quiet when Jaimal greets them. Pratap wants to appoint a main commander as the war is on peak. He gives the chance to Raja Jaimal. He is so experienced. Everyone is taken aback by his decision. Dodhiya ji still wants Pratap to ask Jaimal ji once about what Surajmal came here for. Jaimal is touched by Pratap’s trust in him. You dint even ask me about my convo with Surajmal. Pratap knows that he cannot stoop down before anyone. You think of nothing other than motherland. I am so proud of you. Let’s think about war. Akbar wont sit peacefully now as you have declined his offer. We have to be ready for his every attack.

Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2015 Written Update

Akbar orders his commanders to attack on Chittor’s fort. I want to win this war asap. I wont sit peacefully till I get this fort. These Rajputs are fools. They have nothing to eat or no weapons to fight with us yet they are so arrogant. We will seek revenge for our insult, for the soldiers / workers who died in the sapaat’s. The commanders charge up. Pratap sends all the men at different gates. Akbar tells his soldiers to enter inside the fort from the crack in the wall. We have to enter inside. We have to break that wall at any cost! The soldiers march forward towards the fort.

The Mewar soldiers are all set to shoot arrows at the approaching enemy. The Mughal army is real huge. Pratap tells a plan of actions to his teammates. Many Mughal soldiers die because of the attack from Mewar soldiers from above the fort. The Mughals shoot them in counter attack. There is another cannon blast. The ladies inside are tensed. They understand that they have been surrounded from all the corners. Almost all the arrow shooters die by the gun shots. Mughal soldiers enter inside the fort. Pratap goes down to fight with them.

Mughal soldiers kill a few Mewar soldiers inside the fort. Pratap gets angry. How dare you step inside our house and kill our own people? He kills all the soldiers that come in his way. Mughals blast a big cart full of gunpowder around one of the gates. Pratap and everyone at Chittor are heartbroken. The Mughal commanders smile. Pratap says Jai Ekling ji and gets ready to face all the soldiers entering from that area.

Precap: Akbar wants his soldiers to continue shooting bullets and cannons. Pratap is shocked to see some Afghani soldiers killing the Mewar soldiers with guns.

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Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2015 Written Update

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Maharana Pratap 2nd July 2015 Written Update


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