Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 26 June 2015 Written Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 26 June 2015 Written Episode:

Shekhar gets up from the bed at the knock on door. It was Dewarsh, Dewarsh asks Shekhar what is happening. There is no ritual in the family then why can’t Ishaani attend his wedding and Ishaani’s number is going off as well. Shekhar says he and Ishaani aren’t marrying. Dewarsh asks is he decided this today, his will also effect his own wedding. Shekhar says he and Ishaani don’t want any hurdle in his wedding, so he will tell everyone until Dewarsh’s wedding. Krisha comes to call him down for turmeric. Shekhar smiles at Krisha and tells Dewarsh to fulfil all rituals and not to see Krishaa. He takes Dewarsh at a side and tells him not to inform anyone about it.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 26 June 2015 Written Episode

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 26 June 2015 Written Episode

Ritika was driving in heavy rain, Varma told her on phone that they are searching. Ritika says she wants to see the body before sitting on mandap else she will turn them all into dead bodies.

Shekhar’s turmeric ritual is performed. Krisha plays with him while putting on turmeric on his body. Kanchal asks him to take a bath now. Kanchal gives the turmeric to Mr. Mehra and asks him to give it to Ishaani’s baa. Shekhar offers to Mr. Mehra that he will give the turmeric to Ishaani in hotel. They all laugh, Krisha says he just wants to meet Ishaani. Buas also mocks him, Kanchal says Mr. Mehra s going but Shekhar turns to say he will only go there no matter what they think about. He says she can’t see him but he can, he goes to take shower with a smiling face. On the stairs, he is heart-broken and turns to look at his family happy and enjoying.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 26 June 2015 Written Episode

Ritesh tells Baa Ishaani’s phone is switched off. Baa wonders she is neither in hotel not came home, then where is she. Ritesh says may be Ishaani wants to stay alone for a while. Baa says Ishaani is responsible, she must have called them. She says she knows where Ishaani is, she takes her purse and leaves.

Ritika arrive at the venue, Varma runs to her. Ritika slaps him and says she asked him thatshe didn’t want any tension today. Varma says he is looking for it, Ritika says she has arrived here and they couldn’t find a body. She goes to see he car, ishaani ran from the other side. She watches Ritika and Varma standing at he corner of the road and tries to cross the road behind them. Ishaani hides behind the car, opens the car door but the keys weren’t inside. She opens the diggi of the car and climbs into it. Ritika says neither her dead body nor her phone is found, this means she is alive and knows he truth now. She needs to hurry home and marry Ranveer. Ritika gets into the car and drives it.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 26 June 2015 Written Episode

Shekhar calls Ishaani in the hotel room, looking for her with weepy eyes. He touches her beddings there looking somewhere for her existence. He touches the mirror. He sits at the corner of the room and cries saying he doesn’t know how much he loves her, he only wanted a small portion of her love but neither he got her love nor… He cries hard, then looks at a broken mug lying on the floor. Near to it was a note written in Ishaani’s handwriting. He goes to pick it up, it read He gave her time to think, go away from him and change her decision, but she can’t do so because a lot of people’s hopes are connected to them. She has even promised him to be friends with him and marry him. Shekhar wonders this letter isn’t even completed, and what happened here. He regrets why he didn’t come here before, he hopes she is fine. The waiter comes there, he tells Shekhar on query that police took a girl from here. Shekhar wonders why police took her from back door and why she didn’t call him.

Baa arrives at RV’s house, she asks him about Ishaani. She says he must know only because in childhood whenever Ishaani was missing, he only found her. RV says those days have spent, and now Shekhar must know this. Baa says Shekhar doesn’t know about her, she was in hotel but is now missing. She asks him to do something.

Ritika stops the car in the way and opens the back of the car, smiling at Ishaani. Ishaani comes out of it. Ritika says some people only play hide and seek in childhood only. She tells her she had seen Ishaani coming out of woods and climbing into her car. She talks to baby that Ishaani is here, now he must sleep. Ishaani says she now knows all her secrets and will bring her true face to people.

PRECAP: Ritika stabs Ishaani, laughs and throws the knife into woods. Ishaani fell on the floor.

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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 26 June 2015 Written Episode


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