Dream Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Update

Dream Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Samar leaving. Samar and Laxmi come out in rain. Laxmi comes infront of his car and says she will not move till she clears the misunderstanding. Samar says fine, tell me. She says I love you Raj. He asks is she done now enough, shut up, Raj is not my name. He asks does she love him, Samar or Raj, you can’t decide well. He laughs and says she is best actress, the dream girl. She says I m not acting, you asked me again and again, I don’t know why I said no, I realized my mistake and came running, you went. He says all lie, you realized when you saw Samar Sareenm then you realized the unlucky guy is the key to your fate.

Dream Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Update

Dream Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Update

He says he has seen many girls like her, she used him and then Karan and wants Samar, its all clear now, I asked you if Samar forwards hand, will you leave Karan, and reminds what she said, that its her dream to become dreamgirl, let me be very clear, Samar is not stair of anyone’s ambition. He says my name is Samar Sareen, I m not Raj, don’t try to make relations, you just came in this industry, I m grown up here, don’t try. He takes away the gifted chain and says you don’t deserve this. He asks her to do acting, not try to make relation with him. He leaves in his car.

Dream Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Update

Karan comes to Ayesha and asks is she happy now, you did not wish to let Laxmi become dreamgirl, you don’t have right to ruin her life. Ayesha asks whats my mistake, did I tell her to reject Samar’s love. Karan says he can see her poisoning Samar’s mind. She calls him senseless and says she has done big thing for her, and asks him to get Laxmi on his side. He says he will unite Laxmi and Samar. He says lets see love wins or selfishness. He goes to Laxmi. Ayesha says Laxmi will regret a lot.

Karan brings Laxmi to office and gives her coffee. He asks her not to worry as Samar will shoot with her tomorrow, he will realize her worth and everything will be fine. She says she will not shoot, she does not want to become dream girl. He asks is she mad, she came to meet Samar and express her love, she is dream girl, think this is your test. She says Raj is hurt when I m around him, I don’t want to hurt him, if I fail in this test, its fine.

Dream Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Update

He asks what about her test when she performed on stage knowing her dad is in ICU. He explains her why Lord has sent her to become dream girl, this is her way, she has to make Samar realize her love. She says she will prepare for tomorrow and see how can she bear the pain of love, she will shatter in love or get her love. Laxmi and Samar are happy to come for their first day of shoot. Manav answers the media and says he started shooting soon as he wants to launch movie’s first look by next week, his actors are ready now, its romantic love story and monsoon is best for it. Laxmi prays to do her work and make up to Samar. Samar prays that his focus is on work, no one else.

The reporter asks about the lead pair’s chemistry. Manav asks to see the movie and know. Laxmi and Samar come face to face. Karan looks on. Karan says Manav is calling for scene’s narration. Samar leaves. Karan asks Laxmi to come. Samar hugs Manav. He says both of you look great. Manav asks Samar or Raj. Laxmi says Raj is better. Samar says Raj just on screen. Manav says Laxmi is right and asks them to be in their characters. She says she will do anything to make the story look real. Manav asks Laxmi to get ready and asks Karan to explain scene to Samar. Samar acts rude towards Karan. Karan thinks its too much.

Dream Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Update


Samar tells Karan that he is backup plan for Laxmi. Manav says last take and Samar is unable to focus.

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Dream Girl 23rd June 2015 Written Update


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