Veera 20th June 2015 Written Update

Veera 20th June 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Ratan trying to run. Manjeet and Dilawar catch her and Manjeet holds Ratan’s neck. Ratan gets a rod and beats Manjeet and Dilawar. Dilawar holds her head and hits to the door. Ratan falls down and gets wounded. Baldev is drunk and Veera brings him out. Baldev talks to the pind people. Veera takes him with her and asks him not to talk. He asks what is she doing. She asks her to behave well, how will he talk to Balwant. He acts like Balwant and she laughs. She asks him to be here and she will get the lemon water.

Ratan says pind is like her family and she will not let anything happen to pind. Dilawar and Manjeet beat her and Ratan keeps saying the same. Dilawar drags her. Veera makes Baldev drink the lemon water. Balwant sees them and is glad. He talks to Bansuri. He says he is proud of Baldev. Bansuri says she always knew her son is very good. Ranvi and Gunjan eat sweets and romance. Balwant romances with Bansuri and teases her. She says its his age now and laughs.

She says she is happy seeing Gunjan happy, and wishes Gunjan always stays happy. She sees Geet and Deepu at a toy store and thinks to control them. She asks where is Manjeet and goes to ask Geet. She asks Geet about Manjeet. Geet says she did not see her. Dilawar and Manjeet tie Ratan to the chair by ropes. Ratan tries to free herself. Dilawar asks what does she eat that she has so much strength. He asks how will we save pind now, will she pray to Lord. Ratan says she will kill him if he does anything to pind, and Ranvi and Baldev will also kill him.

He says what if I kill you before they know, and shows knife. He says he will not murder here, he will kill her slowly and then he will see she is strong or not. She asks him to test, her every blood drop will save pind. He goes to stab Ratan and Manjeet holds his hand. She says stop, I have to settle my scores and slaps Ratan. Gunjan and Ranvi ask where is Biji and look for her. He asks Veera and Veera says I don’t know. Manjeet scolds Ratan and says her children don’t use mind, what will she do now. She says after Ratan dies, what about her children, they will become orphans. Manjeet slaps her again.

She asks is Ratan not worried that she is going to die and pind will be ruined. Ratan says she is not afraid, the criminals are scared, and curses them. Manjeet slaps her. Dilawar says leave her, she fainted.

Veera goes to Balwant and asks did he see Biji. He says he saw her one hour before, maybe she is busy in work, she wants to make pind free of problems. They laugh. Ranvi asks few people about Ratan. They say she was with them one hour before. Pappu looks on and thinks to inform Dilawar. Deepu talks to Geet and runs. She falls down and Ranvi takes care of her. Veera sees them and recalls her and Ranvi’s childhood. Geet takes Deepu. Veera says Deepu is very sweet, I m jealous of her. Ranvi smiles. Dilawar and Manjeet think to kill Ratan. They talk outside the door. He says Baldev will not doubt, but Ranvi will doubt on me. Ratan tries to free her hands. He says he will send her to the godown, she will die along and it will look natural death. She thinks she has to inform the pind about the bomb.

Pappu calls Dilawar and says Ranvi and Veera are finding Ratan, and Baldev is also conscious now. Dilawar asks Manjeet to let Ratan go, its less time to save the pind, she can either go to her children and tell them about bomb, and also go to godown to find bomb, and maybe harvest can get saved. He asks what will she do, will she save herself or pind. Ratan gets shocked and Manjeet smiles.


Veera says where did Biji go, I m worried. Ranvi says he has found her everywhere. Ratan tries to find the bomb in the godown.

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Veera 20th June 2015 Written Update

Veera 20th June 2015 Written Update


20 June 2015

Written Episode

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Veera 20th June 2015 Written Update


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