Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 18th June 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 18th June 2015 Written Update:

RV comes to police station and insists with the inspector not to bail Dewarsh. The inspector says his brother Dewarsh has already bailed him out, and this isn’t in his hand. RV comes to take Dewarsh from collar, Sharman saves RV. RV asks Sharman if he is letting free someone who killed Falguni and tried to kill Ishaani. Sharman warns RV not to interfere in his family matters. RV says no one can make any worse out of him until he catches the murdrerers of Falguni. They have a fight which the police saves. RV shouts that Falguni was like his mother. Dewarsh makes a call.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 18th June 2015 Written Update

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 18th June 2015 Written Update

Ishaani was coming out of her car when she gets the call, she is happy to listen to this. She asks is his bail done. Dewarsh says Sharman did it but there is a fight between Sharman and RV, she must come here soon. RV was warning Sharman and Dewarsh, Sharman answered him equally.

Sharman says if he was a good person he wouldn’t have betrayed Ishaani. RV says he loved her, he didn’t betray Ishaani. Sharman says it is because of him Ishaani went to jail. Ishaani shouts at them to stop blaming each other. She comes to RV and tells him Dewarsh has been bailed out, they have come to take him; if he has a problem he must make a case so that the court gives verdict on this. RV leaves, Ishaani is touched but Sharman holds her hand and brings her out. She asks Dewarsh to go home as everyone is waiting for him. She asks Sharman to come out, she has to talk to him.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 18th June 2015 Written Update

In the parking, Sharman says he is happy that she believes in her brother. He asks why RV thinks it is Dewarsh who wants to kill him. Ishaani says RV cares for her a lot, it is her who only gave her pain. Sharman looks into her eyes and asks if she loves him too. Ishaani denies but Sharman says anyone can say she loves him. He says RV isn’t worth her, Ishaani says she isn’t worth him. Sharman says RV has only act to be loyal, he was neither loyal to mota bapu not to her. Ishaani says RV can give his life for love and loyalty. Sharman says he doenst want to argue but he is happy that Shekhar is in her life, who loves and cares for her. Papa and Baa told him how Shekhar supported their family. He says he is elder and wants good for her. He says she is marrying Shekhar and RV is marrying Ritika. Sharman says RV and Ritika are both betrayer, they deserve each other. Ishaani asks him to stop it. Sharman says she wasn’t there at the time of his Sangeet, Ritika didn’t love him. Ishaani says he has a misunderstanding. Sharman says Ritika said she bears his child but in actual it was RV’s child. Ishaani doesn’t get it, she says Ritika got married when she was in jail. Sharman says she was pregnant long before, she had an affair with someone else. Sharman says he has seen Ritika and Ranveer together many times, they had affairs. Ishaani denies, she says RV can be anything but disloyal. She says Ritika was alone at the time of her dad’d death so RV took her to support her. Sharman says that Ritika isn’t married for six months as she says, she is pregnant for eight months. Ishaani says this means that child isn’t Ranveer’s and says that this means that child is Sharman’s.

Sharman denies. Ishaani says RV can’t betray her, that child is Ritika’s. Sharman says he is really responsible and won’t run away from his responsibility. Ishaani asks did he ever touch Ritika, Sharman says he never touched Ritika and was only try to understand Ritika. Ishaani stops Sharman saying he left Ritika and that is why she and Ranveer aren’t together.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 18th June 2015 Written Update

Ritika says to Pandit that last time she was unable to fulfil the dream, but this time there must be no hurdles. The pandit says that last time she couldn’t marry because her husband died because of an accident. She says to Pandit that God shows you the ways, she went into the other way and found RV. She hurries and shows him a bundle of money in advance fee. Pandit ji is shocked to see, and stammers it is too much. He asks what she wants him to do. Ritika says he only has to get done the wedding, but he must take care no one knows about her past. She tells him that he has to prepone her wedding. She asks him to marry her in five minutes. He stammers he can’t do it but she attacks him.

Ishaani comes to the road thinking about Sharman just told her. Ishaani thinks that this means that child isn’t Ranveer’s. He never saw Ritika with such a sight, he still loves her. She thought he has moved on but he is still waiting for her. She says that Ranveer is with Ritika only because Ritika was betrayed by Sharman. She wonders if Sharman would do so, she says why he would do a betrayal in the relation his family joined. She jerks the thought and says Sharman can never do so. She calls Sharman and says what he was saying about four days before Sangeet. Sharman says that day Ritika took him home, he was drunk but didn’t stray his path. Ishaani says that time RV was marrying her. Sharman says that now only Ritika can tell how old the eight months old baby is. Ishaani hangs up and wonders what she has done. That child isn’t Ranveer’s, and she left him thinking… and letting them both marry even. She thinks what she has done, Ritika knew it all then why she lied. What she wants? She sits on the road, and cries. Her times with Ranveer echo in her mind. The passerby calls her and asks why she is sitting here. Ishaani gets up, she thinks what is happening that she boasts on one side that the one she loves has done so much for his friend and her baby. On the other hand she feels bad that when they love each other so much, why aren’t they together. She thinks she always showed her hatred to him though he said he loves her. She cries there.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 18th June 2015 Written Update

PRECAP: Ishaani says to Ritika that she knows her brother, he would never lie or disrespect a woman. She asks whose child this is.


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Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hai 18th June 2015 Written Update


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