Qubool Hai 18 June 2015 Written Episode

Qubool Hai 18 June 2015 Written Episode:

Scene 1:

Location: In the bus

Sanam and ahil drive on tensedly. He hits his head when the bus screeches to a halt. He is lost in her memories. saanm is tensed but deliberately doesnt express it. he is hurt remembering how much she used to care for him. the bus stops for break. Ahil gets down but sanam doesnt. he orders for two teas, but sanam refuses to take it, ordering one for herself. but the vendor says that the milk is over. ahil silently keeps her tea by her side, while she is tensed. he walks past. she takes the tea and the biscuit. finally, they get back on the bus. Sanam’s dupatta gets stuck in the handle of the bus, and ahil retrieves it. She is visibly disgusted.

Qubool Hai 18 June 2015 Written Episode

Qubool Hai 18 June 2015 Written Episode

Scene 2:

Location: Ahil’s residence

sanam and ahil arrive. Before she can step in, he stops her saying, that he wants to tell her something, before she steps foot inside, and after hearing that, she can take her decision. she says that she knows what he wants to say, that he loves her, and that he fell in love at the first sight, and that they shouldnt ignore what they feel for each other. She says that she shall answer his query once inside. before ahil can say anything, he makes a move.

Qubool Hai 18 June 2015 Written Episode

Inside, shaad is lost in sanam’s memories. he is tensed, when the new bride and latif and gazalla, enjoy his mourns. he leaves inside. Ahil and sanam come inside, shocking everyone. shashi thinks that he is alive, then how shall she fulfill her promise to her mother. Shaad too comes out shocked. While there is grief in the house, sanam comes inside and rushes to shaad, who is highly relieved. he asks where has she been, and how worried he had gotten. she tells everything, from the accident, to the kidnapping by the tribal people. she says that in this one day, she has realised that she cant live without him for even a day. she says that she doesnt want to delay the marriage. She says that she wants to get married in the next seven days. Ahil is apalled and distraught. Shaad hugs her overwhelmingly, while ahil is apalled.

The new bride tells ahil, to tease him, that sanam is really excited for her marriage. She says that the day of their marriage, shall also mark the consummation of jannat and shaad’s relation. He is disgusted.

Qubool Hai 18 June 2015 Written Episode

Envisioned by her past memories, she blurts out, that ahil has an allergy to dettol, shocking and surprising them all, while ahil is overwhelmingly relieved.

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Qubool Hai 18 June 2015 Written Episode


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