Dream Girl 15th June 2015 Written Update

Dream Girl 15th June 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Karan asking Laxmi was she missing him. Manav talks to everyone and calls Karan. He says he is raising the toast and wants to decide of signing Karan as a director for the three films of Navrang, and congrats for his new home. Karan hugs him. Laxmi looks on. Ayesha goes to Karan and says now Laxmi will not go anywhere, congrats. Karan says he really loves Laxmi, and reminds her that he can do anything to fulfill her dreams and risk his career too. Ayesha smiles and says it does not matter to her. Manav comes and asks her for dance. Laxmi says congrats Sir. Karan thanks her and says lets celebrate. He asks her for dance.

Laxmi holds his hand and he takes her to the dance floor. Ayesha smiles seeing them. Samar waits at home. Karan gets close to Laxmi and says why a person needs a life partner, so that their fate links for the good. He asks her to walk with him, they will achieve everything, he got 3 film contract and she will be the heroine, he is waiting for her yes. Karan jokes and makes Laxmi smile. Ayesha says lets take a pic and clicks Laxmi and Karan’s smiling pics. He asks Laxmi to say yes. Laxmi recalls the promises made to Karan.

Ayesha sends the pics to Samar and he is shocked. Samar calls her and Ayesha tells him that Laxmi said yes to Karan’s proposal. Samar gets stunned. He says no, this can’t happen, Laxmi can never do this with me. She says yes, that’s why I have sent the pics, Karan bought a new home, its big and beautiful, its enough now don’t stay there, pack your bags, I m coming to take you. He says no, its still 15mins left, I will wait for Laxmi and not leave hope. She gets shocked.

Karan says he can’t wait more. She recalls Samar’s words and says she has to go. Karan asks where. Laxmi says she has promised, she has to go. Ayesha sees Laxmi leaving and worries. She calls Samar again and he does not take the call.

Laxmi comes home and the wrist thread gets stuck at the door. Raj frees it and she recalls Karan’s words. Samar says he will not bind her, she has freedom to take her decision. Samar reminds her the old time and she says she remembers everything. She asks why is she saying now, she can’t live being apart from world. He asks the price of his love and heart, does she not value relations and emotions. She says person is alive till he goes ahead. He says she is trying to run. She says her dreams speed is high. He asks her what if she gets her dreams, what if her sacrifices is imp.

Laxmi says she has seen her family’s needs not met, her dad’s heart broke by Karthik’s failure, such children think to do everything for her dad, her dreams has dad and Karthik’s dreams too. He says he will support her always, she stays happy with him. She says life is not a joke. He says he is ready to accept all her pain. She says why is he not understanding. He says we understand each other, I know you love me and just have to say. She says its not like this. He asks then why is she here before 9pm. He says you value my feelings.

She says she will answer tomorrow after contest ends. He asks why, will the answer depend on contest result, what about his love, tell me you love me. She cries and he asks her does she love him or not. She gets angry and pushes him, saying no……….. She says she does not love him. Samar gets stunned. She asks did he get the answer now and cries. Samar looks at her bangle. He recalls the old moments. He packs his bag and leaves in anger.

Laxmi sees him going and runs after him. The driver tells him that Ayesha has sent him, she said you are coming back. Samar sits in the car and leaves, while Laxmi gets downstairs and comes out. She calls out Raj and does not find him.


Laxmi puts water on herself and recalls Samar’s words. Bua ji comes to her. Laxmi cries, and tells her that she loves Raj. Samar comes home and throws things in anger. She calls him and he does not take the call.

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Dream Girl 15th June 2015 Written Update

Dream Girl 15th June 2015 Written Update

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Dream Girl 15th June 2015 Written Update


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