Swaragini 10th June 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 10th June 2015 Written Update:

Swara cries and tells why the kidnapper is doing all this. Laksh asks her to say I love you so that kidnapper frees Ragini. He requests her and says we didn’t have time now. Swara gets up and looks on sadly. Laksh tells that they have to do this for Ragini. He plays the music and dances with her while the song Jo Tu Mera Hamdard Hai……………Laksh asks her not to cry and says we have to save Ragini anyhow. They stop dancing after a while. Laksh tells Swara that the kidnapper is fully mad and they have to do this for Ragini. Laksh lights the candle on the cake and tells her happy birthday. Swara prays for Ragini’s safety. Swara cuts her birthday cake. Laksh makes her eat it. Swara thinks of Ragini’s words that she wants to make her birthday special. She eats the cake and cries.

Swaragini 10th June 2015 Written Update

Swaragini 10th June 2015 Written Update

Annapurna comes to Sujata’s room and tells you had forgotten to give milk to Sanskar. Sujata says yes. Annapurna gives her milk and asks her to give it. Sujata says he had slept long time back. She says she will keep the milk on his table. Once Annapurna leaves, Sujata thinks where is Sanskar and why he is not picking my call.

Swaragini 10th June 2015 Written Update

Laksh tells Swara that he wants to tell about her heart talk. He tells that he wants to live with her, wake up with her etc etc. Sanskar is happy. Laksh tells that he is forgetting his promise made to his papa and telling her. He says his life is incomplete without her. Swara looks on surprisingly. Laksh says you don’t care about you. It is okay. Swara says Laksh……..I know and I do care…..She hugs him and says I love you Laksh. I love you so much. Sanskar is looking at them and calls Laksh. Sanskar says I am impressed with you. Laksh says your condition is fulfilled. Sanskar asks Laksh and Swara to kiss each other and promises to free Ragini.

Laksh and Swara looks on shockingly. Swara refuses. Laksh comes near her and kisses her on forehead instead. He asks are you fine? Sanskar calls him again and says very smart…..You took advantage of my mistake as I didn’t ask you where to kiss? He says this game is over here and you have passed. Just see what I can make you do. He asks them to go. Swara and Laksh ask about Ragini. Durga Prasad shares his worries about Laksh with Annapurna. Annapurna says he is stubborn like you. Durga Prasad sees someone coming home and shouts for watchman. Sanskar comes and hides. Sujata gets tensed and opens the door. Watchman checks the place, but couldn’t see Sanskar hiding there.

Swaragini 10th June 2015 Written Update

Swara and Laksh find Ragini unconscious in the car and asks her to open eyes. Laksh brings water and sprinkle on Ragini. Ragini wakes up and asks how did I come here? Ragini tells about her kidnapping. Swara asks did you see the kidnappers. Watchman tells Durga Prasad that he saw a man’s reflection. Sujata tells that she didn’t see any one entering the house. Ram says we shall check the house. Sanskar hides. Sujata reads Sanskar’s message that he is in kitchen. Durga Prasad asks the watchman to start checking the house with kitchen. Sujata gets shocked.


Ragini asks what did the kidnapper asked them to do. She asks Laksh, if he gave money to Kidnapper. Laksh gets tensed and tells her that kidnappers made them do something. Ragini asks what?

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Swaragini 10th June 2015 Written Update


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