Maharana Pratap 8th June 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 8th June 2015 Written Update:

Pratap and his team shoot arrows at the Mughal soldiers coming out from the archway. The commander tells his soldier to rush towards the fort holding gunpowder in his hand. Pratap aims the spear at him. The soldier dies. Akbar questions his soldiers / commanders over the act. He scolds them for going ahead without consulting him. we cannot lose our soldiers like this.

Maharana Pratap 8th June 2015 Written Update

Maharana Pratap 8th June 2015 Written Update

The ladies at the palace decide to eat less from tomorrow so the citizens don’t have to be hungry.

Pratap makes the soldiers throw huge stones down towards the archway. The labourers run away scared. The archway is blocked. Akbar is surprised at Pratap’s thinking. I want to know how much loss we had. His commander informs him that the labourers have refused to continue working making the archway. Pratap and his team gets happy. the work will stop now. Akbar tells Yaar Beg to bring money. I know it isn’t easy to do something like this when the enemy is sitting right in front of you. you will have to work a little hard. My soldiers will help you in any way they can. I will give you whatever you will ask for. He throws coins at the people. They are once again lured by the money. They chant praises of Akbar’s name. Rawat ji notices that the work has resumed once again. Pratap decides to attack Mughals whenever they come out of the archway. This should not get complete.

Maharana Pratap 8th June 2015 Written Update

Rann Singh’s father is on his way. I have to reach Patta asap.

Patta gets married following all the rituals. They make all the vows and then seek their elders’ blessings. Everyone blesses the couple. Patta’s mother misses her husband. He had sacrificed his life for Mewar when Patta was very young. He never used to stay at home. Maybe he will start doing so now.

Pratap tells everyone to be alert all the time. The fort should be lit up from all the sides at night. Increase the security. Attack them any way (stones, arrows) when you see even a little movement anywhere near the fort. Kalla has a doubt. Why are we not attacking Mughals? This archway will soon be inside our fort if it continues in a similar way. I am not able to bear that Mughal’s step in my motherland. I am worried for entire Rajputs. Pratap too cannot bear it. Mughals are more patient than us though. You too be a little calm. You will handle one door till then. we will keep a tight vigil. Kalla doesn’t want to lose the precious time by just keeping a vigil. Kalla turns to go but Pratap calls out to him. Kalla says I have learnt it from you that you win wars not by patience but by being brave. I will prove it to you when the time comes. Kalla walks out of the court. Pratap is tensed as the situation is getting bad. Where are you Patta?

Maharana Pratap 8th June 2015 Written Update

Rann Singh’s father (Vajra Singh) is outside Patta’s house. He asks people about the decoration. They tell him that Patta got married today.

Patta gifts his wife a necklace. This is my first gift to you. you are very pretty. She is sad that he said no to marry her earlier. He reasons that he said no because of his Jija’s and Pratap’s absence. She gets curious about them. He tells them about Pratap and Jija.

Vajra Singh gives the message to Patta’s mother. Patta tells his wife how important Pratap is to him. I can even sacrifice my life for him. His wife covers her mouth. Outside, Patta’s mother reads the message and is tensed. Patta smiles at his wife’s concern. Don’t worry, we will have loads of kids first. Pratap only will keep their names. He is about to remove her earring when his mother asks him to open the door. She hands over the message to him. He reads the message and is upset with himself that he dint know of anything all this while. Patta decides to leave for Chittor right away.

Maharana Pratap 8th June 2015 Written Update

Precap: Kalla gets dressed as an ordinary citizen and heads towards Akbar’s tent. Chand faints. Acharya says maybe she fainted because of the heat. Kalla attacks on Akbar’s camp but gets caught.

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Maharana Pratap 8th June 2015 Written Update


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