Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Update

Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Sam going to her room. Neil recalls Arjun’s words. Radhika says Arjun was with Bonnie, she has seen him, he did not get any info from her. Neil shows the glass and says Sam will see what Arjun wants to show her. Radhika says Sam is doing a mistake, when friends make mistake, we have to stop them. Neil says friends should not be stopped, but we should be strong to lift them when they fall. She says sometimes few mistake break people and maybe Sam will do big mistake today. He asks what. She says I think Arjun will propose Sam today. Neil gets upset. She says she has seen the ring in his car, we have to stop Sam. Teri meri dosti………………plays………………

Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Update

Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Update

He says if Sam wants to go to Arjun, we can’t stop her, as if choice is between love and friendship, then friendship is dropped. Radhika says if Sam says yes, I m afraid she can never be happy, why is Arjun doing this. Arjun recalls Nandini seeing some kids play. FB shows Nandini saying about her marriage happening soon and showing her the ring. He stands in Aasra, an orphanage, and recalls his childhood.

FB shows Samrat asking Nandini to go. Nandini says this ring was your promise. He says it was a gift, I told you I can’t leave my family for you, it was a gift and you made such promises in your mind. Arjun asks him not to leave Nandu, and Samrat says he is very young, and can’t understand this. Arjun consoles Nandini and she says she can’t live without Samrat, she will die. He takes the fallen ring and looks at him. Arjun says he has grown up now and understands everything.

Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Update

He says this has sent my Nandu in darkness, and this diamond will hurt Sam like that, her tears will be in your eyes, you will feel her pain. Arjun recalls Kaka saying Arjun about Nandini being lost. Arjun says Sam will go in darkness and that silence will make you deaf, you started this story and I will end this.

Neil and Radhika sit upset. Sam gets ready and they look at her. Jaldi na karna yara……………plays……………….. Neil sets her hair. Radhika says Sam. Sam says please, you said what you had to, now its between Arjun and me. Sam leaves taking a gift for Arjun. Neil recalls him and Sam. Neil says Sam… and she stops. Sam says please Neil, I have to go to Arjun. Radhika asks Neil to stop Sam. Neil holds Sam’s face and hugs her. Neil says he did not stop her for anything, he wants her happiness, when she smiles, he feels something good is going to happen. Sam smiles. He says he can’t account her happiness, he will be with her wherever she gets happiness. Manmarziyan……………….plays…………… Sam thanks him.

Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Update

Neil shows the keys and says come. He hides his sadness in his heart and smiles. Bonnie comes to Arjun. He says he has transferred money, her job got fixed in Delhi, she does not need to worry. She asks was anything there between us ever. He says no, I m sorry, there was nothing and can never be, love is just a cheat, I have got cheated many times, I don’t trust love, it just ruins. She asks what will he do now. He says when you go to fire other’s life, you know you will be burnt too, it will be just darkness after that. She looks at Arjun with the ring, and leaves.

Neil and Radhika bring Sam to Arjun. He asks her to follow her heart and asks her to go. Neil recalls Sam and looks upset.


Radhika says she wants to have strong hands to hit Arjun. Arjun proposes Sam and Radhika comes there.

Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Update

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Manmarziyan 6th June 2015 Written Update


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