Veera 29th May 2015 Written Update

Veera 29th May 2015 Written Update:

The Episode starts with Geet and Ranvi getting praised by everyone. Dhingra says he will introduce the new star Geet to everyone. Gunjan does not sing well and goes to call. She calls Ranvi and he tells the good news to her, about producer wishing a concert launch for Geet. She gets irked and he says he will call later. He does not end call and he talks to Geet. Gunjan hears them. Geet says she does not wish to do stage show. Ranvi asks whats the matter. She says she is scared to sing infront of everyone. He says I will be there, don’t worry, is there anything. She says she got role in Ramleela in childhood, and she got tensed. He laughs listening to her innocent talk.

Veera 29th May 2015 Written Update

Veera 29th May 2015 Written Update

He says sorry and they laugh. Gunjan gets angry. He says I m thinking how will he look with makeup. She says she was looking red chilli in that getup and laughs. Gunjan sits rehearsing again. Guru ji says stop it, you are tiring yourself. She says no, I can rehearse for hours. Ranvi and Ratan come home and call out Gunjan. Ratan says I don’t know where is she. He does not find her in the room and goes to Babli’s house. Gunjan says she can’t stop rehearsing, she is doing this to win her husband.

Veera and Baldev argue again about Preeto. She says he won’t become a good sarpanch, and no one will love and respect him. He says you really want this so you got that widow to use her against me, and make me fall in pind’s eyes, I will see what you do without my help. He leaves. Ranvi comes to Babli and she asks about Gunjan. He says she was with you. She says no, I called her a lot and she did not take my call, now she is rockstar’s wife. He says I think she went to her Biji. He says he will meet later. She says tell Gunjan to call me sometime, and he says fine. He gets thinking and calls Gunjan. Her number is switched off.

Veera 29th May 2015 Written Update

Veera thinks she has promised Preeto, but how will she help Preeto. She thinks she should do this, maybe it helps. Guru asks Gunjan to stop it, music is by devotion, it can’t be learnt in hours, you can’t force throat a lot. She sees she got late and leaves greeting him. Ranvi says what, Gunjan is not there, Veera don’t worry, I will find her. He looks around and asks some lady. Gunjan meets him on the way. He asks her not to say anything, he does not want her to lie again, she said she is going to Babli, he went to Babli and she was not there, where did he go, why did she lie.

He asks what is the matter and shouts. She says she can’t tell him right now. She smiles and says she is glad that he worries for her so much. He asks her to say what is it. She says she is planning a surprise for him, she can’t tell him. He asks is everything fine. He says yes, don’t ask more now. He says fine, I don’t need to know anything. She says we will go home. They talk about fear of losing love making person going nuts, and go home.

Veera 29th May 2015 Written Update

Geet gives water to elders and Manjeet asks did she start cooking. Geet says she is done with cooking. She tells Manjeet about the concert and producer asking her to go to city to perform and sing on stage. Balwant gets glad and Manjeet stops her reaction. Balwant says he got proud of her today. He asks her to buy any good dress to wear there. Manjeet scolds Geet after Balwant goes. Geet recalls Veera’s words and argues with Manjeet, by answering her well. She says she will decide what she has to, she knows she has to do what she is right for her. She says no one can force me to do anything wrong, not even her. Manjeet looks on shocked.


Veera tells Baldev that every woman here understand Preeto’s pain and they came to explain the sarpanch. The ladies ask him to solve Preeto’s problem and protest there.

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Veera 29th May 2015 Written Update

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Veera 29th May 2015 Written Update


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